White Knight Chronicles Developer Interview

Gametrailers Writes:

"The CEO of Level 5 tells us what this beautiful game has to offer."

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Skyreno3425d ago

Nice Can't Wait for this game... Also im preatty sure next game will be Ps3 Exclusive ^^ when he talk about ps3 everything

TheHater3425d ago

It seems that we have to wait to play this game even longer than expect outside of Japan. :(
That makes me very sad.

360RRODFIX3425d ago

I think we will get it by MID year. No way Sony will release this in fall or it might end up like Valkyria in therms of sale. So most likely end Q2 or Q3

Da One3425d ago

You'll have Killzone 2 and Infamous, plus a few others to hold you over because this baby is slated for a Q2 release so July/August at the latest

Vagrant_13425d ago

that's true about KZ2 but I want some RPGs to play

Da One3425d ago

Pick up the JRPG X-Edge thanks to NISA for bringing it over