DivX 7 launches with enhanced HD support

DivX has announced the latest version of DivX 7, featuring enhanced support for high definition video output and surround sound audio.

"The new release of the popular video software is based on the cutting-edge H.264 video compression standard, which allows for high-performance, high-quality digital video at up to 1080p HD resolution," the company's press release informs us.

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Simon_Brezhnev3510d ago

woot woot cant wait until i see divx 7 on ps3

Godmars2903510d ago

Are you talking about the direct support deal Sony has with DivX, or the recent update that allows online rental companies to DL movies onto PS3? Not that anyone has done it yet.

user94220773510d ago

Yep, it sure is, Divx on ps3 rules

thebudgetgamer3510d ago

i am not sure how it works.


RedVsBlue3510d ago

Does that mean the PS3 plays any version of Divx ? Even DIvx 3 etc

Kouzmich3509d ago

"Files that were encoded using DivX 3.11 cannot be played."

Gitaroo3510d ago

probably have to do a firmware update to update it.

WhittO3510d ago

come to think of it, we havent had a FW update in a couple of months now have we ?

wonder whats in-store for the next FW release (here's hoping they speed up the time it takes to load the trophies on a profile!!)

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