ASUS S121 Officially Announced: Not an Eee But Joins New Crop of Oversized 12-Inch "Netbooks"


"We told you this was going to be a trend; larger notebooks (call them netbooks if you want) that sport a 12 inch display but forgo expensive ultraportable insides for the affordable Intel Atom platform. Joining the Dell Inspiron Mini 12, the MSI X-Slim U300 and the HP Dv2, is ASUS' S121.

An enlarged Eee PC S101, the S121 drops the Eee name but has the same fashion forward chassis with a glossy lid available in a slew of different colors. The 2.6 pound laptop is less than an inch thick, has Swarovski crystals in LCD hinge and a leather palm-rest. However, gone is the 10 inch display on the S101 and in its place is a edgeless glass 12.1 inch 1280 x 800 resolution LED display."

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