Critic in Exile: Is It OK Not to Like Fallout 3?

Crispy Gamer: Since Fallout 3 shipped in October, I've kept my secret, fearing that should it get out, the rest of the gaming community, including the considerable Fallout fan base, would grab their pitchforks and light their torches and chase me into the old windmill.

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cloudkev3513d ago

if u think playing it is bad try watching it played. watched my son do about 10 hours of it, fell asleep several times. its sitting on my shelf waiting for me to play it cause everone says its such a good game. maybe one day ill play it.

ReaperXL73513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I personally love RPGS, have been a fan of Bethesda, and Fallout for along time, but honestly I just don't get why Fallout3 got so many awards.

To me the game was just boring most of the time, the voice acting is terrible aside from Malcom Mcdowell and Liam, the Shooting mechanics are close to being broken unless you use vats all the time, and honestly I recently played Oblivion again just to make sure, the Graphics in Fallout 3 just aren't where they should be, it's almost as if they decided to downgrade the Oblivion engine and say they did it to make it look like a "Wasteland".

I am more than happy when RPGs do well because it only means we will get more, and i'm not saying that Fallout 3 is horrible, I just don't think it's the second coming either.

peedie163513d ago

i didn't like the game when I first started playing this but when you start to get into the main story it is pretty good.

Lucreto3513d ago

I prefer oblivion. The world felt more alive. I don't know why but Fallout was a disappointment.

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The story is too old to be commented.