Sega's Rising Dragon PS3 Looks Slick

Wow, that looks awesome. The bundle pack isn't a bad deal either, providing you were going to buy Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 and an 80GB PlayStation 3 on the same day. You save nearly 2,000 yen ($21.50) with the Ryu Ga Gotoku 3: Rising Dragon pack, which retails for 45,980 yen ($495). In the future the price of the Rising Dragon PS3 should rise too since Sega is only making 10,000 of these available.

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chester3453d ago

that thing is fu**ing gorgeous.

rockleex3452d ago

Now do the same for White Knight Chronicles in America, with the White Knight engraved on cover like these dragons.

cliffbo3453d ago

WOW. that's how to sell systems!!

meepmoopmeep3453d ago

indeed, is this JPN only?

looks really nice

Doppy3453d ago

Unfortunately so, and there's only 10,000 (read in an early article). I'm dumbfounded as to why Sony doesn't make at least 1 mil of bundles of special edition consoles. They saw what happened to the MGS4 console, I know Yakuza isn't a huge thing here in America, but it is in Japan, and this will spur sells..

Sheddi3453d ago

does someone know when the game is coming out in EU?

MrWonderful3453d ago

god im going to by another ps3 now. thanks sony:)

OGharryjoysticks3453d ago

Just let me walk into a house where some little kid has this bad boy hooked up on a table. This is a grown ups graphic case so I would feel it was my duty to keep it that way.

Zeevious3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

...but you didn't say when and where you would be stealing it from that little kid, and I'd need to know that.

You see, stealing is wrong, but since YOU stole it I can relieve you of the burden of your regret and STILL make sure that it's kept with an adult that can appreciate it.

Don't worry...I'll leave you a bar of Ivory soap to help with that DirtyHairyJoystick.

Your conscience will feel as 99.44% clean as the rest of you...
So it works out perfectly for everyone.

So, where and when can I help?

OGharryjoysticks3453d ago

No my brother you must buy your own :)

pixelsword3453d ago

...and that's backwards compatible, so although he would miss the graphic, he could play all of his PS2 games on his PS3, or buy cheap PS2 games that are still great to play.

I'd be doing him a favor.


*ponders about packing bags and going to Japan*

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The story is too old to be commented.