Ninja Blade's QTEs Are Awfully Forgiving

While the demo is the mostly what was shown at Tokyo Game Show it is more polished. One notable change is if you miss a quick time event Ninja Blade just doesn't pop up with a black screen that says miss. Now the game fades to gray then says miss and time automatically rewinds before the quick time event happens. Little changes like this make Ninja Blade gel better, but it doesn't seem like you're penalized at for missing most of the QTEs. Since this is a demo this could be just a demo thing or it could be a final game thing. Not sure, but Ninja Blade would have been a better experience if From Software had alternate fates for Ken if you missed a QTE similar to Dragon's Lair.

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socomnick3426d ago

Im happy they are forgiving, I remember how in heavenly sword when you missed a qte you had to fight the boss for an additional round to even get a chance to attempt the boss finishing qte again. Ninja blades solution is better since its only for cutscenes and does not interrupt the gameplay.

ErcsYou3426d ago

It can't be any more forgiving then the Prince Of Persia... You can't even die ..

panasonic233426d ago

lol this game gonna be good only people hating on the qte are sony [email protected] and all their favorite games have them god of war, hevenly sword lol