10 Questions: Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime

After some unexpected delays, Nintendo has finally provided GameDaily with the completed interview based on its reader submitted questions. In the full Q&A, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime talks about the company's marketing, varying tastes for gamers in Japan and North America, keeping up Nintendo quality and his own favorite games.

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morganfell3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

I don't think we should trust him. Everyone knows Chief Tyrol is a Cylon...

bobbylii3362d ago

They have favoured The Conduit over even thir own games. I think HGigh Voltage software deserves all the hype thieir game is getting. I played it at PAX and it feels better than playing COD4 for my PS3 or geras 2 for Xbox360

Kriller3362d ago

Woah, I never made that connection. Battlestar: The Final Episodes now with a touch Nintendo... damn it.

mastiffchild3362d ago

Oh Reggie! You almost had me until you got defensive over the biggest disgrace in Nintendo history with the truly awful new AC Wii. My missus LOVES Animal crossing more than the kids and even she was annoyed to find she was playing the GC game all over again.
There are loads of good looking games coming for the Wii this year though and if they can also get a new LoZ out this year(and E3 would be a good place to have Reggie and co redeem themselves with it's announcement after last years , ahem, performance)I'll forgive the big lunk. Again. Can't wait for Fatal Frame 4 either.

AJBACK2FRAG3362d ago

People that complain about ACCF being the same as the GCN version. Being able to play w/ friends via wifi plus the added ability to actually to converse w/ friends online is an enormous step forward. You wouldn't have the right to dream about these upgrades in the old GCN version. Either way. Some people don't like this iteration of AC but I can assure you there are thousands of people out there that love it, me included.

Surfman3362d ago

Dear Gamedaily,

Even if sometime you could post some real articles, we don't even want to click on the link of your website since all the stupid and bias articles.

Thank you.

TheColbertinator3362d ago


Yeah Gamesradar sucks.

ZTGD is the better arm of the n4g network.

Parapraxis3362d ago

Man Reggie is truly just a mouthpeice.
The "replies" are blatantly scripted, I doubt he even wrote them.
It all seems way to fake. Every chance he had to plug a product or game was taken. Nothing new in this peice, same old stuff.

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