The Success of the Playstation 3

Throughout the last weeks, Sony's PS3 has been getting a lot of attention about its poor sales throughout the Holiday. I even read a post that people have been searching in web browsers checking to see if Sony will cancel the PS3. Truth is, this is complete BULL. They have so much money that they really do not have to worry about the PS3 and how much money she brings in. It seems that people, or should I say fanboys, are constantly trying to down Sony and the PS3. I really do not understand why. I do not know if it is because they are not happy with a certain console that they have, or if they just are jealous of what Sony has to offer with their PS3. And if your argument is that the PS3's games suck, or they do not have any exclusives, or whatever, well, that is your opinion and you should keep it to yourself if you are unhappy. Back to the point, according to the PS3 had better holiday sales that people think. Click the link below...

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supertom913390d ago

Just bought a PS3 yesterday and already in love with it. But who wrote this article? A 13 year old?

GrandTheftZamboni3390d ago

Question of the day:

On the source article at there is a picture of one console. Guess which one:

XBox 360,