Is the gaming media really biased?

PSWii60 writes:

"Is the gaming media really biased? Welcome to the Killzone 2 Press Preview. Here, I will outline what we can expect from various web and magazine outlets and their subsequent review scores before and after Killzone 2 is released.

For ps3 owners like myself, we have gotten used to ps3 exclusive games coming under extreme scrutiny from the media. The equation usually goes like this:"

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trancefreak3482d ago

Awesome read and really sums it all up.

meepmoopmeep3482d ago

what surprises me is that people are surprised.
lol, this was inevitable, we all knew this

just get the game and enjoy it.
your own opinion is the only thing that matters.

Aaron Greenturd3482d ago

This article is completely unacceptable. Nobody should be able to sum up my company's pull on the media in 1 single article. I will pay any mod or admin to take this article down ASAP, or you can expect a lawsuit from the most powerful company in the World of America. Just email me at [email protected] and I will cut you a check.

My company has gone to extensive lengths to smear Sony, the PlayStation, and it's first party games. Obviously we have a mole inside our company, who has leaked info to this rogue blogger. I will track down the person responsible for this leak and ban his Xbox Live account for 1 year (and still deduct from his checking account, of course...)

As far as Killzone 2, it will never be able to destroy as many consoles as Halo 3 did back in that is a GAME!!!

Shane Kim3482d ago

Very good post Aron, Shane Kim feels exactley the same way.

lord_of_balrogs3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Lies. Lies. Lies.

As a regular IGN visitor you got it wrong.
IGN AU said Resistance 2 was better than Gears 2.
IGN USA said Resistance 2 was equal to Gears 2.
IGN UK said Gears 2 was better than Resistance 2.

Resistance 2: PS3
Scores: 9.3 [AU], 9.5 [US], 8.3 [UK]
Gears of War 2: Xbox 360
Scores: 8.9 [AU], 9.5 [US], 9.2 [UK]

meepmoopmeep3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

lmao, Aaron

anyway, Killzone 2 will be the most scrutinized game in all of gaming history.
in a sense, Sony and GG are to blame because of the 05 trailer.

but once they reached the near visual quality, it's off to find something else to nag about.

for the record, i didn't write this article.
i was PM'ed and asked to submit it as a favor.

40cal3482d ago

LOLLOLOLOLOLOL "The World of America" that is some of the funniest $h!t I have read in along time. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

LightningPS3PS33482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

I just saw that preview of Killzone 2 from games radar, them complaining it's too gamey, that the events are triggered by you reaching a certain point.

WTF?? What game in history is this not true about?

I agree that the media is basied, I just played Gears of War 2 and god it looks and feeling just like the first one, nothing new at all and it got tiring right away, yet reviews of 9.5 or 10? WTF? It's pretty sad.

The Media is baised, true. But Sony still not helping itself with this price tag. And that's really the demise of PS3, not game reviews.

And, I can say it 1 million times, the reason PS3 is lagging behind in market share is because of it's price. It's not the fanboys, or that people turned on it. It's the damn price, it's too much more than XBOX 360 for too many of the same high profile games.

It's a gen of multi games now, and PS3 just cost too much more.

lord_of_balrogs3482d ago

You're not serious are you? MP aside, the SP campaign was a vast improvement over the original Gears. New enemies, more variety and an actual story for one.

The original felt like one endless grindfest to another grindfest. Half the the time I didn't even know the reason I was going some place because you were given objectives over the tac-com and there were literally only like 2 minutes worth of story cutscenes.

The first act of Gears 2 is better than all five acts of Gears 1 combined. Shooting, vehicle, and story cutscenes were all well placed and I actually knew the reason why I was completing an objective instead of just recieving orders like the 1st one and moving to complete it.

MasFlowKiller3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Want to hear Something Funny i tried to post this article on gametrailer and it got close in less then a minute,

no, no i did not use a dumb tittle i wrote, great killzone 2, media analysis as the tiitle, i hope they didnt think this article was about them

Lifendz3482d ago

I don't know why but they are. The gaming media types are the most vindictive nerds out there and they seem to have an axe to grind for Sony after releasing PS3 at such a high price. That coupled with the fact that Xbox live was so much better than PS3 in early 07 and up until they revised the store that they don't even acknowledge the fact that PSN is really really good now's still free!

Yeah, they're biased. But hey, with so many games on PS3 now, and with the best of 360 behind it (doesn't mean more good games won't come...but we've seen it's best in Gears 2), the PS3 is primed to take over.

Just needs a price drop to 299.99 and maybe the media can go back to being unbiased.

Now off I go to silogon's site (insert joke here)

Agent VX3482d ago

Where do I send my donation of tissues for this blogger???

Now I am going to act like Sony Fanboys and rant:

1. "How can this Blog be approved, where are the Mods and how can they let this happen?"
2. "Names all people who approved this Blog and rants about how these people should have their privileges revoked here on N4G"
3. "Goes on to say how the media hates the 360, and just another article to bash yet again, the 360"
4. "Calls the writer an complete idiot, and states how the 360 Ownz the PS3."
5. "Tries and unites all fanboys to report this article to get it "Censored" from N4G!"
6. "Eats cookies and drinks milk mummy put on computer desk!"

pswi603482d ago

just remember, sony "deserves" it

harv0523482d ago

"The sad reality is that there is a large amount of people, that truly want the PlayStation brand out of the console business"

Then what? Buy shoddy consoles from the competition??

What............ever......... .

dragunrising3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

A good article, speculative, but flawed. Why does everyone assume there is an extreme level of media bias against the PS3? You can give examples all day however that is biased in itself. That is not to say it doesn't exist, however its not pandemic. A better article might get into WHO individually is a fanboy on sites such as ign, 1up, gamespot, etc, etc. It is a goal in journalism to be objective. Reviews also "try" to adhere to this principle. Notice how reviews never have a "fun factor" (gamepro excluded) as a component of the score? If they did they would be too subjective and alienate everyone who might not think certain aspects of the game are as fun. If your a huge fan of any one series its not a good idea to review particular games you might attach bias to. With that said, being a hater should prevent you from reviewing games for the same reason. My favorite game of the year has been Metal Gear Solid 4. I am new to the series but quickly played the first three in order to catch up with the story. If I wrote a review it would be hard for me to review it objectively based on my bias of the game being "more than fun." Then again I'm not a professional journalist.

With that said, I don't think Killzone 2 being exclusive to PS3 will effect its review scores. The quality of the game will speak for itself. It is jumping the gun to say the Eurogamer and Edge will give it 80ish scores. They have been consistent for sure however I feel like this game is different. Ultimately, 1 or 2 reviews should never be your reason for getting a game or not. People need consider the aggregate number of reviews. Metacritic was created for a reason. Any game that doesn't have a disproportionate (negative) bell curve is good in my book. I think people are getting way too worked up about small things. Enjoy the game or not, but don't frown everytime someone doesn't agree with your opinion. Reviews should never be taken to heart.

Edit: I purchased Killzone 1 from eBay to catch up on the story. Good decision? I'm very hyped to say the least.

prowiew3481d ago

I dont think all gaming media is bias. How come every gaming and non gaming website is bias? It is something that I simply dont understand and beleive.

Mozilla893481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

You lean towards PS3 or 360 at least a little bid. I have a feeling this game is gonna get blasted by quite a few reviewers for being really scripted even though COD does it all the time. I didn't think the gamesradar preview was bad though.

Except the part about said the levels are linear but they still got lost lol.

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ToastyMcNibbles3482d ago

great article...took the words right out of my mouth...funny thing is all this stuff is so obvious but yet theres still a bunch of people that swear there is no bias in the media...honestly i have no idea why theres so much hate for the playstation has brought us some of the best frachises in gaming history and really made gaming this pop culture phenomenon...we got done with last generation...the PS2...and good lord you would think people would be excited and happy for whats to come with PS3 but yet you hear people constantly bash Sony and the playstation brand like if playstation f*cked their mother or something...always whining about "sony promised this" and "sony promised that" seriously are you little children and is sony your mother? its really pathetic...i said it once and i'll say it again...the playstation brand has to do well for the game industry to well

- The Corrupt -3482d ago



Yeah, the article is pretty spot on. People are pissy about the high console costs and many of the huge fanbase of the PS2 have moved over to the 360 - either out of impatience for a next gen console, or for the cheaper alternative - and they're basically venting their frustrations on Sony's less-than-stellar run this generation...

The only thing I don't agree with is that last bit - the market was fine before the Playstation arrived. It will be fine long after the Playstation dies.

meepmoopmeep3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

this milkshake brought Corrupt to the yard?

yeah, i agree, the industry will be fine.
sony is fine.

they've taken this crap for a 3rd generation now.

it's always been cool to hate Sony.
and it's the same haters with foot-in-mouth disease that continue this crap
because Sony made them feel stupid
by succeeding the last 2 gens

Aclay3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

"The only thing I don't agree with is that last bit - the market was fine before the Playstation arrived. It will be fine long after the Playstation dies."

The Playstation brand will NEVER die and I agree with Toastman 100%. Bubbles up.

When Sony came out with the PS1, they really defined gaming and took it to the next level and made it cool for an adult to be a gamer because back then, Video games were still considered something like a childs toy.

I can't even imagine how the gaming market would be now if there was no Playstation brand... I mean, No God of War, No Shadow of the Colossus, No ICO, No Crash Bandicoot, No Spyro the Dragon, No Twisted Metal, No Gran Turismo etc.... and in my opinion, without the Playstation brand, their wouldn't be as much innovation in the gaming industry.

rucky3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

"The only thing I don't agree with is that last bit - the market was fine before the Playstation arrived. It will be fine long after the Playstation dies."

Just to add to Aclay's comment. If you studied your gaming history you would know how Sony changed the whole game industry. Let me give you one quick course.

Playstation was the first CD-based console to defeat both Nintendo and Sega which was almost impossible back in the days. They basically made disc based consoles the standard that you see today.

Sony released the Playstation 2 and almost singlehandedly popularize DVDs(sounds familiar?) If it weren't for Sony you would still be playing CDs on your precious 360.

The point is, all Sony is trying to do is to keep moving forward. They have some flaws too but do not discount what Sony did and what they're trying to provide to us gamers.

The Lazy One3481d ago

Nintendo has done a lot more for moving gaming forward than the playstation brand.

Sony was the guy in the back of the group of pioneer settlers heading west on their way to cali who ran out in front and said "hey guys...follow me to california." Nintendo were they guys who looked around and found the gold in the mountains.

The industry was already heading towards larger storage mediums regardless of what Sony did. The original playstation was created because nintendo wanted a system with a larger storage solution. Nintendo, on the other hand, introduced the D-Pad, analogue sticks, triggers, motion tracking, touch screens, etc. to the home console market.

Boty3481d ago

Sorry I haven't been on PSN lately. Been working.

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eelnats20003482d ago

Theres been so much PS3 hate that people forget that we are all gamers. PS3 fanboys were envious of Gears, and now its the other way around for Killzone 2. But WE ARE ALL GAMERS.

We shouldnt treat the ps3 with this much bias.
The wii has made more crap in one year than the PS3's total lifetime (NO OFFENSE TO THE WII..its true though).


The PS3, Xbox 360, and also the wii (i guess) have good games.
And if an excellent game is exclusive on one system instead of another, it shouldnt be the reason to be hated.

mint royale3482d ago

Why all the hate. Constructive critisim yes - a few articles on the ps3's struggling sales would do not the millions of overreacting articles. All the hate for any of the consoles is completely undeserved. Gamers should be happy there are 3 good companies in the industry increasing competition and keeping prices down. I don't buy into the MS bribed them claims there is absolutely no evidence but recently sony has been getting an unjust ride from the media. Stop!

HDgamer3482d ago

Fanboys never play games and can't stop the hate. They are poor enough as it is.

ChanDangle3482d ago

Up with Hope! Down with Dope!!

rockleex3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

This is the first unbiased non-bashing post I've ever seen from you. ^_^

There's no need to hate on any console anyways. If you can't have certain features/services/games on your system, then just go buy the other systems that have it.

If you don't have the money, then go play it at your friends' houses.

But then again, bitter people such as fanboys probably don't have that many friends in real life... -_-"

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Skyreno3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Nice! Article preaty much everything he said was true about reviews on high scores and low