GameOver: Fallout 3 PC Review

GameOver: "It's 200 years after nuclear war. It's unclear just how widespread this war was, but in Washington DC where the game is set things are very bad indeed. Across the entire game I don't think you run into even 500 humans total, perhaps not even that many if you throw in the various humanoid mutants that are shambling around. Considering that DC's population today has to be in the millions that's a pretty severe population reduction. You are perhaps one of the lucky ones – you live in a form of modern bomb shelter known as a Vault. You were born there, and you start the game near your birth, picking up a book as a toddler called You are Special which allows you to set your beginning stats for strength, dexterity, etc."

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bmatthews3396d ago

Its pretty hard to read white text on a plain black background but otherwise good review...