The Decline Of Split Screen

With the advent of online networks like Xbox Live, this once integral feature has become increasingly scarce and possibly on the brink of dying.

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-GametimeUK-3513d ago

Sure split screen has taken a hit BUT theres still more than enough games that support the feature and support it online too... Warhawk, Halo3, Gears1 and 2, LBP (not split screen but stfu), RFOM, R2, Motorstorm:PR, Brawl (again not true split screen), Mario Kart, Red Steel and many, MANY more...

Its not dying any time soon

gaminoz3513d ago

I think games would last longer with gamers if they had split-screen as well. Online only some big or latest games get played, whereas split-screen you can play anytime.

Your list above does show that some good games keep it, but I've only seen bots in Gears 2 and Perfect Dark. Bots really flesh out a split-screen game.

Racers you would think would at least have 2 player split standard, but with great games like PURE abandoning it I do believe split screen is in decline. And that's a bad thing imo.

iMarcus3512d ago

I gotta disagree with the two above me, I find that split screen is a shocking way to play games. I'm glad its on the way out. I haven't used it since the N64.