LG Digital Photo TV and slimmed down LED prototypes should be in pictures

Engadget writes: "And, fortunately they are. These pics of the on-even-when-it-isn't Digital Photo TV and slimmer-than-the-slimmest 47-inch concept panels come straight from our inbox to your eyes. The Digital Photo TV, surprisingly, displays a picture, while this 47-inch LED backlit display undercuts LG's own just-announced panel with its mere 8.9mm depth. Go ahead, be amazed, we won't blame you."

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Sibs3513d ago

I wonder the pricing on these things... The eco-friendly side of me wants to get that 56% more energy efficient 32" panel but the logic side of me won't let me get it if it's way overpriced (as usual with anything non-ordinary *sigh*)

I hope a bunch of this stuff actually comes out this year for a change.