Wii Developer Unsure How His Hardcore Game Will Sell

The lead developer behind "Mushroom Men" tells me about the opportunities and the setbacks of making Wii games for a hardcore crowd - and takes a shot at "Deadly Creatures."

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PS360WII3481d ago

haha Mushroom Men is a hardcore game... rrrrright

Voiceofreason3481d ago

Yeah I agree.. Running around as a 8 inch cartoon mushroom doing simple platforming that's geared toward "anyone can play" is not what I consider "hardcore".

Cerberus_Hunter3481d ago

He could sit his grandfather in the couch with the wiimote then tell him to smile while playing his it and run the add on CNN and Fox news an there you go 1 mil sold on first week.

N4g_null3481d ago

Think he is just realizing gamers may not care... I mean really if this was on an HD system would you get it? Hey this one may be fun though but thanks to current gamers taste that claim to be hardcore this one would need a free demo to get people interested. That last part was funny though... I'm not sure how they are the same though? I guess I'll have to play them......