Destructoid Preview: Stoked

... "With details like the solid integration of real-world shops, boarders, mountains, and gear -- as well as an already impressive soundtrack (especially for Euro-trash fans) -- Stoked has my attention. "

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360RRODFIX3478d ago

LoL I don't if this is some sarcastic joke or fact, fact that proves 360 has no exclusive games for 09 so people are excited for "stoked" and other mediocrity. Yeah i am "stoked". LOL

Shadow Flare3478d ago

I know what you mean, but this actually caught my attention to be honest. I like snow boarding games so hopefully ps3 will get a good snowboarding game soon. This game puts Box 360's street cred up a notch in my book. That puts it at notch '1'

panasonic233478d ago

lol so it is true anything 360 only will get bashed lol o man

foo3478d ago

any exclusive in 09 for 360 is worth getting excited for lol:D

InMyOpinion3478d ago

"It uses a system much like Skate, where the right analog stick controls the hops and jumps by flicking the stick up and over. Generally, tricks are much more realistic and slower than in other snowboarding games, with spins and flips all relating to how long or far you hold the left stick. Moves aren’t pre-programed, and grinding is all about alignment and orientation."

Sounds a bit like Transworld Snowboarding on Xbox, which to this day is the best snowboard game out there imo.