The Most-Awaited Games Of 2009: Xbox 360

Gamasutra writes: "With nearly a full year of of game releases ahead, Gamasutra is picking out noteworthy titles due in 2009 for each home and handheld platform, beginning with the Xbox 360.

The oldest seventh-generation home console on the market, the Xbox 360 has had time to establish itself as the core alternative to the market-leading Wii with its slate of shooters and RPGs."

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Graphics Whore3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

All I see is Multi-platform games? OH wait! Halo ODST and Halo Wars! Time to get thuper excited!

If microsoft has big guns I'd like to see them soon.

MaximusPrime3478d ago

lol i was going to say the same thing. lol.

interesting MS just plain interesting....

MountainManBeard3478d ago

I played the Tekken games the whole time i had a PS2,so im pretty excited about Tekken 6 coming to Xbox360 since i don't own a PS3. Tekken 5 was graphically impressive for a PS2 title and the fighting was solid also, and i saw a video last week which blew my mind away the graphics are crazy good and no doubt the fighting will be solid. And i saw Final Fantasy ... but iv'e never could get into those so i don't care much about that. The rest seemed multiplatform and like DLC so nothing special... yet. Oh and Halo 3: ODST, im looking forward to that but Halo Wars i wish to burn in hell cause im no Halofanboy and that looks like some gimmick crap.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3478d ago

Halo 3 is the biggest selling exclusive this generation, thats one big gun.

Bnet3433478d ago

Yes but

Xbox 360 - $200
PS3 - $400

So if someone wants to play multiplats, they can for $200 cheaper. Just sayin' ....

MasFlowKiller3478d ago

i go were the was are in 08 it was the ps3 but not by much and as of now 09 look to go to the black box as well, i just hope microsoft finds a way to get ether more time exclusive of exclusive DLC. cause if you are a real gamer then you cant deny the big bats sony has line up

whoelse3478d ago

Yes Halo 3 was big but this is DLC not a full game although it doesn't require Halo 3.

Im sure Microsoft have some surprise titles as do Sony but comparing the announced Sony lineup and the announced Microsoft lineup, its clear which is far better.

ActionBastard3478d ago

Just wait. They'll blow down the doors at E3. What, with exclusive DLC and multiplatform games, what's not to be excited about?

zethos563478d ago

Weren't people saying the same thing about 360 games back at the beginning of 2008? I'll wait until Spring before judging if this year is really a failure for the 360.

SullyDrake3478d ago

By far, is Killzone 2.

... Oh wait....

... lol.

Narutone663478d ago

xbox fanboys that SFIV and Tekken 6 is not an FPS games. Hard to play those games on the 360 controller. I wonder who will win the SFIV competition between PS3 and 360?

Xeke3477d ago

Halo 3 wasnt the biggest selling exclusive this gen Wii play was with about 20.12m and Halo 3 was 8.92m, im not using Wii sports since it was a package deal other wise that is top with around 40m

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Shadow Flare3478d ago

Multi-platform games and DLC.

Go 360. Woo....Yay.......HEAVY YEAR


The Judderman3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Well there will probably be Alan Wake, Forza3 and Mass Effect2. There my most wanted and forza2 and the first mass effect were two of my favorite games ever so i will be happy.
No doubt there will be more to add to that list come E3. Microsoft don't genrally announce the majortiy of there titles till then. There will be plenty of games no fear.
Judging by the way the 360 walked over the ps3 with one game (gears2) in 08 the fanboys had better hope they don't announce to many.

Blademask3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

LBP over 1 mill. -Scored higher than Gears.
Motorstorm 2. Over 1 mill
MGS4, over 3 mill. -Scored higher than Gears.
GT5p, over 2 mill.
R2, over 700k prob at a mill by now.
Valkyrie Chronicles -Scored higher than all 360 RPG's of 2008. Sold terribly.

In your world, going on what you just said. You are happier as a gamer to recieve one game at the end of the year of gaming, than good games the entire year?

Are you so desperate that now since you can't latch onto game quality, you just latch onto sales? Either case, The PS3 has outclassed the 360 when it comes to the amount of quality exclusives, and sales for said exclusives.

So please, explain how Gears2 stomps all over...well... anything? Considering the game is buggy online, didn't set any graphical bars, and is now being shoved to the bottom of XBL due to those issues. How on earth is Gears 2 victorious, over for example. Metal Gear Solid 4, a game thats won more GOTY awards, more graphic achievement awards and will continue to sell well into 2009.

Did you really think anyone was going to let it slide that you admit the 360 had no games until Gears2? and that the one game makes it ok to have terrible flops the entire rest of the year?

-GametimeUK-3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

"So please, explain how Gears2 stomps all over...well... anything?"

Okay even I agree that Gears2 doesnt top a lot of PS3 exclusives but anyone open minded can easily see how someone else thinks it does top PS3 exclusives... Okay single player is great and the story is better than it was in the first game... The visuals are stupidly amazing... Amazing to the point where its all down to what artistic style you prefer... I personally like Gears look... It also has coop and the online is still decent... I hate the chainsaw its so broken and Gears1 is better online but why are you debating Gears has buggy/ crappy online and you list MGS4?

Anyone can consider Gears2 better than MGS4 since they are so different... Its down to what you prefer... I personally think MGS4 is the second best game this gen AND better than Gears2... But hey if you cant see how other people may view Gears2 you must be narrow minded...

Super Mario Galaxy >>> All in my opinion

shame a lot of people dont respect that either :-P


@ below... hope that wasnt aimed at me... I clearly stated I thought MGS4 was better than Gears2... I can just see how people can think Gears2 is better than MGS4 cos im not a fanboy :-P

cmrbe3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

MS reported it sold about 2.7 million in its first day and i think it still haven't reached 4 million after 2 holiday season months.

Don't be fooled by hype. MGS4 alone is greater than any x360 exclusive to date including gears.

Please. Just because you are too young to understand MGS4 dosen't mean its a bad game. Gears 2 better than MGS4!. Please kid. Grow up.

Edit: @above. Obviously i am not referring to you. Saying that Gears 2 is better than MGS4 is like saying Transformers is better than The Dark Knight. Only kids would say Transformers is better.

pp3478d ago

Why say:The Most-Awaited Games Of 2009: Xbox 360 when most are Multi-Platform some sites are Pathetic.

Magic_The_Celt3478d ago

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

The Judderman3478d ago

Alan Wake, Forza3 and Mass Effect2. Thats all i need to make my gaming year on 360.

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