Resolution: Black Mesa feature w/ interview

Resolution speaks to project leader Carlos Montero about the upcoming Half-Life remake:

'Carlos is one of the many professional games developers involved in the Black Mesa project, and is currently working on upcoming XBox360 and PC title Champions Online. "In a professional, funded team," Carlos explains, "you can see a ton of work done in a very short time, by a team who can dedicate all of their time to something. On a mod team, that's just not how it works." It's understandable. The team all have day jobs as well, which - as expected - take priority. "Slow and steady wins the race," Carlos muses. "While sometimes we can pull together and do something quickly, we have to depend on our steady progress over time, and take note of and rejoice smaller milestones."'

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Cajun Chicken3423d ago

Will be bought by Valve, I don't see this going free, I can't wait for this, Halflife was excellent and my first big taste of PC gaming.
Expect this, CounterStike: Source, L4D and HL2 Episode 3 on what I shall call 'The Orange Box 2' or something along those lines, y'know what I mean.

solar3423d ago

really? u think so? i dont. Valve got their money out of HL1. hell it was on Steam for $1 for its' 10 year anniversary. and seeing that Valve is starting to support mods on Steam i can see Valve showing some major love for the remake.

Cajun Chicken3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

It'll serve as a prequel to Halflife 2, crazy as it sounds, not as many people got around to playing HL1 as HL2 so they'd see it as a prequel.

I'd say it'd be a good buisness decision for Valve, personally.

LewisDenby3423d ago

I think it's too far removed from Half-Life 2 and the direction the series is taking to be of any use, to be honest. When I spoke to Carlos for this article, he was quite clear in stating that Valve would not be involved in any way. I believe there was talk of some support a while back, but nothing ever came of it, and they haven't been in touch since.

Valve's all about its community support. I doubt it'd go down well if they stole this.

solar3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

i can see your angle as Black Mesa as a prequel. but imo i think BM is being made for the hardcore fans of the HL series. Valve embraces that sort of love from its customers. so i dont think they will mess with the BM team by buying their product.

sorry Lewis, i accidentally gave you a disagree :/ didnt mean to. i agree with you.

Cajun Chicken3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Well, good for it to be free then, can't wait to play.

It just sort of seems logical for Valve to distribute it as a product, I wouldn't say they'd 'steal' it. But they could help it get some big time attention.

Like the way Running With Scissors allowed Eternal Damnation and AWP in the Postal 2 Fudge Pack (Real Title) without buying the mod developers, but why not with consoles?
I'm sure there could be a lot of people that would like to play Halflife 1 again with nice HL2 graphics and physics and be willing to pay for it and for the dev team to get a fair share of the profit, after all, it is a remake of one of Valve's games.

EDIT: Wait, what I mean is give it away for free on PC still as a mod, but have it included on the next 'Valve Anthology', but with disclaimers that it is not made by Valve, if you get what I mean.

It'll just be nice to have the whole HL/Valve Universe in one anthology for consoles and PCs alike.

Fishy Fingers3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

If it's done through the Source SDK and the creators don't charge a fee I don't think Valve can't do squat, even if they wanted to.

Xi3423d ago

Copyright infringment is still in effect, even though no money is being made, unless they have the consent of valve (which it looks like they do) it could be halted at any point. Though a mod it still includes story, character, and other copyright material which does not fall under fair use clauses. Source (the engine) i believe is fair use because it's open to public, however I could be wrong.

TheIneffableBob3423d ago

If Valve bought the project and sold it as a retail game, I think people would be extremely angry. I mean, people did cause quite an uproar when they got rid of The Black Box. Imagine what they would do if they made people pay for something that was supposed to be free.

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Arsenic133423d ago

This needs to be bundles with episode 3 and released on consoles. Please Valve, publish it!?

Xi3423d ago

this, left for dead, portal 2, portal: still alive, and episode 3.

call it the green box or something.

Leadweight3423d ago

can't wait for this...for me Half Life is king,not HL should have been,but didn't inspire the same awe as the first did.

na2ru13423d ago

The way both relate to each other really added that touch of meaningness. I hope they work their a**'s off again to remake Opposing Force.

poopface13423d ago

Thats awesome cause HL1 is most likely my favorite game ever. Im glad I have a good excuse to play it again. Its also good cause source games are about as good as my computer can run with high setings and some aa. Cant wait to try it.

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