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List of differences between Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

A comprehensive list of the differences between Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl has been compiled. (Culture, Nintendo DS, Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, Pokemon Platinum)

dgroundwater  +   2428d ago
I didn't know this was coming out, but why aren't I surprised. :P Still a great series.
rockleex  +   2428d ago
Know what the Wii really needs?!?
A true MMORPG Pokemon!

Just imagine the millions of players competing to become the number one Pokemon Master!
gaffyh  +   2427d ago
This would have been the most hilarious article ever, if when you clicked into it all it said was:

*The word Diamond or Pearl replaced with Platinum


LMAO. Anyway I need a new game for my DS, it's been a while since I played something good.
Mode2  +   2428d ago
thank you valay
for putting a piece of news that isn't about the console wars.
Lucreto  +   2428d ago
I feel there are too many pokemon.

I was a fan of the originals and this comic shows my way of thinking.

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Bubble Buddy  +   2428d ago
yeah I loved it right until Johto. After that, they got way too much Pokemon. Anyways Snorlax owns. :P
mpmaley  +   2428d ago
I really hope they stop making new Pokemon for future games...but I doubt they will ._.

Just give me huge worlds, and new stories ._. 493 pokemon are enough.
red5ive  +   2428d ago
hey cool! that's a quite a bit of changes.
Ratchet_Co  +   2428d ago
Wow, that's a lot of updates and changes. A lot more than the previous upgrades (Pokemon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald).
DJ  +   2428d ago
I just got Pearl a couple of weeks back.
Right when I got my DS, and it's pretty awesome so far. I hope to see more of this updated version as soon as possible. =]
ambientFLIER  +   2428d ago
Err, how old are you guys?
switch-it  +   2427d ago
Why? Because we still get excited about a new Pokemon game? While the gameplay still is the same as the first ones its still very addicting.

I like how they are changing the storyline and making it easier to find legendary pokemon.
darkdoom3000  +   2428d ago
I used to like pokemon.. till the 3rd generation.
Kakkoii  +   2428d ago
I'm still waiting for a real Pokemon MMO.. C'mon, that would make an awesome MMO. Most of the outlines are already there and obvious. And they would earn billions lol.
CrippleH  +   2427d ago
I love pokemon games but they got to stop with the version bs.

Forcing people to have a friend or have 2 version for different pokemon is beyond milking.

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