2009 console games that should be PC games

Big Download writes:

"On Monday we posted up a feature of all the great 2008 released console only titles that should, in our humble opinion, also be released for the PC. Today we have a sequel to that feature as we go over a number of upcoming 2009 console only games that have yet to officially announce a PC port.

As you can see there are quite a few console-only titles due out in 2009 that would be perfect for PC gamers including perhaps the most obvious choice; Ensemble Studios' last game Halo Wars. Some of our picks are admittedly fanciful but who cares? We still want to play all these games on the PC."

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solar3392d ago

o.O the only game in that list i would want on my PC is KZ2. Halo Wars would fit a PC nicely. the control scheme of a game controller fits the other games better than a K&M imo.

TheFreak3392d ago

Strategy games belongs to pc. Omg hate strategy games on console!!