Microsoft Planning "Significant" Cuts, Source Says Layoff Reports "Exaggerated"

Kotaku: "Xbox 360 manufacturer Microsoft is reported to be jumping on the cost-cutting bandwagon, according to reports from CNBC. Said to be pursuing "significant" savings measures, spokespeople say that reports of mass layoffs are greatly exaggerated.

Over the past week, reports from other sources, namely Fudzilla, pegged the Redmond giant as laying off as much as 17% of its 95,000-plus workforce, a figure that doesn't include contractors. Fudzilla speculated that the newly profitable games division would be unaffected."

Looks like Microsoft is aiming to make some profit adjustments but they prefer to say how much and how and not let the media to speculate the quantity.

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PirateThom3511d ago

"Xbox 360 manufacturer Microsoft is reported to be jumping on the cost-cutting bandwagon"

Nice, Kotaku, people's jobs are at risk, but they're just jumping on a bandwagon.


Shadow Flare3511d ago

I think Kotaku's jobs are at risk to be more accurate

360RRODFIX3511d ago

I found it funny how Kotaku menages to add negativity to PS3 negative articles but when it comes to Microsoft they do the opposite. Am i the only one to se the irony in this?

RRoDReaper3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I love my job WAY too much. You can't easily replace a reaper :|

prowiew3510d ago

You guys really hate kotaku. Its getting personal, nitpicking everything. Personally, i think they are a great blog. Anyway, on topic, I can see microsoft laying off some on the xbox division, especially after the RROD.

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The Judderman3511d ago

Job losses are terrible no matter what the company.

psiom3511d ago

So now the 360 is doomed.



Who would have thought that only the Wii would prevail and live on...What a generation this has been...

interrergator3510d ago

360 is not doomed think positive they will be alright

psiom3511d ago

And on a serious note, this is a recession. That means jobs everywhere.

It's bad, but hopefully we're out of the red sooner rather than later.

n4gzz3511d ago

As much as I like my ps3, I don't hate Microsoft. People future is uncertain when Kotaku spins as that is good for them.

Now, I Hate Kotaku.

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