Rumor Killers: Xbox 360 Maxed Out? Forza 3 Confirmed? New PS3 Exclusive and More

TheGameReviews clarifies current rumors in the industry.

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cain1413391d ago

People are always going to try to say 360 is taped out. I don't think it is, but even if it was games could still improve. It's not all about graphics, but about doing everything you can with what your given. They can get more effiicent with how they code things etc...

dannyhinote_133391d ago

Agreed. I don't know how much better graphics will get this generation, but I'm sure there's still a little bit of juice to squeeze out of the 360/PS3.

cain1413391d ago


Some of my favorite games weren't that impressive graphicly.

marinelife93391d ago

The site can't even spell or use proper sentence structure. Their opinion means absolutely nothing to me.

butterfinger3391d ago

right about graphics not meaning everything. Left 4 Dead is my favorite game this gen, and the graphics weren't anything special. Gameplay will always be the bottom line for me, and if a game is fun but the graphics aren't the best (RB2, L4D, etc.) I'll still play the hell out of it.

Shadow Flare3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

If Xbox 360 isn't maxed out, then obviously it can do a game to the calibur of Killzone 2 right? Who am i kidding, of course it can! Where is that game?


Bubble Buddy3391d ago

I'm just wondering how they're going to top the grpahics (if they will) next generation.

MegaMohsi3391d ago

Crysis/Crysis warhead? That's already beyond this generation of consoles.

xwabbit3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

lol omg guys, red faction maxed out the xbox cus of the PHYSICS, that requires a lot of power. that doesn't mean they cant do better looking games, it just means the box couldn't handle more PHYSICS but I,m 100% sure you'll see better looking games than gears on the xbox because they probably wont have the destructible environments like red faction has. That's y gears can run good with those graphics cus it barely has physics and destructible environments. You have to remember destroyable environments take up a lot of power, it requires A LOT of physics... A LOT.

thebudgetgamer3391d ago

but when one says 360 is maxed liars you call them get it straight


terrandragon3390d ago

Aha look at all you PS3 fanboys disagreeing with the people that say the 360 isn't maxed out. @1.5, it's up yer ass.

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tk3391d ago

And if it is maxed out? Still good enough potential for good games.

ihaten4glol3391d ago

That's an absurd thing to say about the 360. And even if it were true, I wouldn't care. I'd continue buying and buying. Hell, I just got my system last May, finally could afford it.

cayal3391d ago

Why is it absurd? Because you - who has nothing to do with developing a game - don't believe a guy who has hands on experience and actually works in the field?

If XBOX can produce games like Mass Effect and Fable, I don't really care if it is maxed out or not but I wouldn't say it is absurd.

iTZKooPA3391d ago

If it is maxed out, then PC games (and hopefully the PS3 since it's supposed to be so souped up) will pull away graphically. But companies would still have to invest in the PC editions extra to get the added potential. Not something I really see them doing.

predator3391d ago

Its not maxed out at the article says it all depends on the engine and developers.

Hope Forza 3 gets confirmed soon I loved the forza 2

I hope that this ps3 exclusive is and RPG, an open world one at that.

creeping judas3391d ago

I'M hoping for an announcement soon!!!

Loved Forza2!!! I just hope they keep the same physics engine!!!

boodybandit3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

and tweak the graphics a bit but most of all I want new tracks!
Keep the old ones but add some new ones.

btw has any one heard anything about PGR5? Will there be a sequel because I heard a rumor last year that they were done with the PGR series and no new information as to whether or not that is true.