Top 5 Most Irritating RPG Protagonists

1up writes: "Say what you will about role-playing games, but for a genre that places a complete emphasis on story, it sure loves to saddle us with some of the most unlikable characters to ever exist in fiction -- and often, for upward of 50 hours at a time. Thankfully, loot, monster collecting, and grinding all serve as welcome distractions from the whining of spiky-haired heroes -- but there's always a breaking point where you wanna reach inside the screen and snap their spunky little teenage necks.

The following collection of RPG champs may need to kill endless crawling piles of goop to prepare for that final boss encounter against some multitiered incarnation of god, but even at level 1, they have the ability to defeat our collective will to live."

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Homicide3391d ago

I knew Tidus was going to be there.

PS360WII3391d ago

Indeed they had that done right. He was absurdly annoying and the fake title "Daddy Issues: The Game" is oh so true as well lol