Rumor: Playstation 3 possibly inching closer toward an early "Game Over"

GamerTell writes: "While there are undoubtedly a multitude of gamers who are proud of their Playstation 3 purchases, Sony business executives are not as confident, considering that their choice gaming console remains consistently behind the competition and possesses a negative stigma as a product with features that fail to justify its high cost."

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Cajun Chicken3334d ago

"Reading those words makes one wonder what practices specifically will see the cutting or alteration-room floors. Will Sony limit production of its Vaio computers? Will it stop production of the Walkman line of products?

What will happen to Sony’s Playstation brand?

It appears that, at the moment, Sony’s Playstation brand is safe, considering reports that the company has considerably cut down manufacturing costs to produce its consoles."

Shadow Flare3334d ago

Quite simply,

List the things that are wrong with the ps3:

I can name only 1 - Price

Please continue...

Blademask3334d ago

way to show the non-bias.

How many BLogs can just be approved that say the same exact thing no matter how many reports


Another year another ps3 is doomed article.I think this is the first that has come up.I expect at least 50-100 to come up on n4g before the year is over.....

Darkseider3334d ago

"I expect at least 50-100 to come up on n4g before the year is over....."

I envy you, the eternal optimist. I expect to see that many before the MONTH is over.

kapedkrusader3334d ago

...sensationalism at it's worst.

Syko3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

So the other 128 stories were blogs too? Oh you mean you don't like the headline so it should've been stopped. Seriously Go read the 50-100 articles that never make it to 50 degrees instead of being part of the problem and complaining about it.

Aclay3334d ago

If this article came from an actual reputable gaming site like IGN or Gamespot, maybe this article could hold some weight, but this article is nothing more than random blog site.

Everything that Sony does internally isn't going to affect every sector of their business. I think that Sony is going to focus mainly on their other products such HDTV's, Digital Cameras, and Laptops. Right now, I don't see the Playstation division being affected in a major way.

2008 was a great year for the PS3, and 2009 looks like it's going to be even better with more heavy hitter titles, Sony coming closer to breaking even with PS3 sales, and with a Price cut. The PS3 will be here well into the days of the PS4 and beyond.

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Jerkstore813334d ago

I'm pissed that I actually gave that jackass of a writer a hit on his ad-saturated website and read his drivel.

boodybandit3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Why do you think there are so many articles written against Sony? Seriously. Negativity is like sex, it sells / gives hits.

As far as the blog site writing this particular article? This is possibly the first article submitted from gamertell to get above 50 degrees. Just chuckle it off and let it be the last. Unless of course their next article is actually news worthy.

I just laugh at these articles and rarely comment but for some reason I couldn't help myself this one time. If you guys would simply ignore this nonsense these articles would go away. Hit's is what fuel them. Don't give them what they crave. Ignore and move on.

Edit: Phantom disagrees make me LOL more than garbage articles like this. So knock yourself out. You have to look no further then my post history to see I am not a fanboy of anything. I am just calling it like I see it. If you think otherwise then let your opinion be heard and explain to me why on Earth Sony would abandon the PS3.

badz1493334d ago

by selling more year over year and high quality games pouring over it and still selling really well while competing with a $250 & $199 competitors and it's game over? the original xbox and GC didn't sell well but it was not game over for them only after 2-3 years when at that time the PS2 already was like 10 millions ahead! the PS3 is doing better than xbox and GC in the same amount of time and is just starting its 3rd year and people are really quick to declare "game over"! and how many times somebody needs to state this: "NA is not the whole world!"

prowiew3334d ago

I dont think the playstation side of sonys business are the ones that sony will cut. Probably the overprice vaios and walkman. And maybe a little in the tv departments

acedoh3334d ago

manages to lower the price and take momentum away from both the 360 and Wii I am sure the blogs will still give negative PS3 stories. I am sure 2009 will be a great year for the PS3 but I think people will still be pushing for the PS3 to fail. If you are a gamer you want the PS3 to suceed.

Saint Sony3334d ago

1. Price
2-3. Very expensive game developing / Hardest console to develop games to

Those are the only issues with it. Especially with current world situation, those are MAJOR problems for PS3.

Willio3334d ago

Sony's stock price is 2 points ahead of MS? yes.
Sony worried about PS3 and filing chapter 13? no.

Should this website/blog pay special attention to the actions that their company takes within this year because it is now certain that the website/blog of tomorrow may not be the website/blog of today.

Alvadr3334d ago

Game over for Sony would mean Game over for gaming overall!

Sjoeter3334d ago

I would love to see a big GAME OVER sign over Sony just for all you stupid PS Fanboys! Sony gambled wrong! there to c-ocky and (maybe) that's fatal for them. who knows?

3334d ago
SL1M DADDY3334d ago

Sony is having trouble like 99% of all of all other corporations and all of a sudden they are going to drop the PS brand? He speaks as though corporate heads at Sony spoke directly to him and said that they are thinking about dropping the PS3. But in all honesty, he is simply taking a garbage article and spinning to his own fanboy delight. Sad days these are when even fanboys own and run websites just in an effort to spin the FUD in gamers faces.

godofthunder103334d ago

I have a 360 and i love it.I hate Sony and i will never buy a ps3.The truth is facts is facts.Just like the 360 the ps3 is a good systems.Just like the 360 the ps3 have positive and negative things about it and it has good and bad exclusives just like the 360.

Sony would never stop makeing the ps3.People might as well face the facts.The ps3 and 360 is here to stay so they might as well start acting their age.The fact is that Sony doesn't dominate the gameing market anymore and no one ever will again.The wii will win.The 360 or ps3 will come in 2nd but it want be by much so they could all stop saying one will win big because it want happen.

Unlike fanboys that are hypercrits and act like kids i'm fair.Just because i hate Sony i want lie and say that it sux.The fact is that it's the most dependable console ever made.On the other hand Sony was sued over the ps2 because of the hard drive defect and every one i know had to buy at least 2 systems in 2 years.I had to buy 5 in about 5 years.The reason that i'm bringing this up is because of all the ps3 fanboys that keep bringing up the rrod and say that we were screwed because Mmicrosoft only gave a 3 year warrinty.The fact is that Sony only gave a 2 month warrinty on the defected hard drive on the ps2,i admitt it wasn't high as the 360s.The fact is that Microsoft gave a better warrinty then Sony did.The point i'm trying to make is that people should give credit to the system or the company if they did something good.They shouldn't be a**holes and trash a system just because they are childish fanboys and they want the system they have to look better.

Every one should be fair and stop acting like kids.The fact is that ps3 fanboys agree with positive news about the ps3 even if they know it's not true.They will disagree with negative news about the ps3 even when they know it's true.On the other hand if they had positive news about the 360 and they know it's true they will still disagree.If they have bad news they will agree even when they know it's not true.360 fanboys do the exact same thing but vice versa and it's childish.

The fact is that they are both good system.Every one like at least 1 exclusive on the system they don't have.I'm tired of hearing childish fanboys saying that the other system sux and it doesn't have 1 good game on it that they like because they are a damn lier.If R 1&2,God of War and some other ps3 exclusives were on the 360 they would say they are great games but they are on the ps3 so they say they sux.Ps3 fanboys do the exact thing.If GOW 1&2 and halo and other 360 exclusives were on the ps3 they would say they are great games but they are on the 360 so they say they sux and it's childish.Like i said before i have a 360 and i wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything but i think that it's still a good system.Hell i wish that the 360 had R 1&2 and KZ2 on it because they are good games.

Like i said before Sony will keep making the ps3.Microsoft already said that the new xbox will be out around 2011 or 2012 and it will be 100% BC with the 360 games just like Sony does.The same year that Microsoft release the new xbox Sony will release the new ps.Sony is a smart company.They know that when Microsoft released the 360 a year earlier it killed them and they want let it happen again.

Kill Crow3334d ago

"How many BLogs can just be approved that say the same exact thing no matter how many reports"

The same amount of blogs that get approved telling us Microsofts official sales numbers are a lie


majorsuave3333d ago

"Will Sony limit production of its Vaio computers? "

-I doubt so, it must be, along with commercial video equipment, be one of their most profitable divisions.

"Will it stop production of the Walkman line of products?"

-They still manufacture Walkmans???? Ok, I'm being silly, I know, then they need to be out in front in retail stores like the Playstations and LCD TVs, not hidden on 3rd row lower shelf or wherever. So yes, in the state of the portable music industry, they may very well drop it.

"What will happen to Sony’s Playstation brand?"

-It will go on for a while. The PSP needs a re haul, the PS3 needs a price cut but within a year or 2, when they have realigned to people's expectations, the PS brand will flourish again.

What else is under Sony's sun?
Sony Professional, Sony Pictures, Sony Music, Consumer Electronics.

What type of business habits they should change?
-Engaging in format wars: they lost the Beta/VHS and won the Blu Ray/HD-DVD but, it's a sure bet they lost A LOT on both attempts.

-Selling products that use proprietary connectors or storage. I overlook Sony digital cameras among others because of
A:non standard USB connector and B: non standard SD card slot.
*It still comes as a surprise that the PS3 features standard USB connectors and accepts 3rd party hard drives or USB memory drives.

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ThePlaystation3guy3334d ago

This guy is an idiot. Why would Sony pull the plug on the PS3 when this year is going to be it's biggest yet. Kinda sad that this story is going to be approved...but it seems EVERYONE approves the PS3 hating articles, eh?

littletad3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Why would Sega pull the plug? Yes I know, both companies are different and were in different scenarios. But almost every well known franchise is now exclusive to multiplatform, an under performing graphic-wise console has taken the market share, and a competitor (Microsoft) continues to be a thorn on it's side. And not too mention y2y sales dropped, not exactly good news for it's share holders.

Look I wasn't a business major, but if these unfortunate steps continue, it certainly isn't looking good. On the bright side Sony looks forward to the ps3 being profitable this year and is relying on software this year to turn the tide. But it's safe to say that if Killzone 2 doesn't sell and Sony refuses to lower the price, I don't see how any changes aren't eminent.


They have? Sorry, I haven't seen a report on that. I'll look it up. I apologize then.

Darkseider3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

"And not too mention y2y sales dropped, not exactly good news for it's share holders."

Ummm... YoY sales have INCREASED not dropped. kthxbye

EDIT: Here's the link to the story with NPD reporting in. This is NA only and does not include Europe OR Japan which have also experienced increased sales.



Dont be suprised if we get that many before the week is over... lol

Aclay3334d ago


The PS3's Year over Year sales have increased.

The PS3 just sold a little less in Nov. 2008 than it did in Nov. 2007, but that's it. Every other month in 2008, the PS3 sold at least double or more the about that it sold monthly in 2007 in the United States, and I'm pretty sure that the PS3 sold more in Europe in 2008 than it sold in 2007 as well.

hay3333d ago

Yawn, those articles are boring.

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Darkseider3334d ago

Yet another Piece of Sh!t blog piece. YAY!! GHEY

panasonic233334d ago

same be said about 360 is doomed in (inserted year) from some sony [email protected] blog

PS360WII3334d ago

So is he comparing Vista to the PS3?