QJ.NET: Wii - Game of the Year

QJ.NET writes: "The Wii may have had a front loaded year, and you can argue till the cows come home about whether or not there are enough hardcore games on the system, but there are great games. Here's what we think are the cream of the crop...."

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Shnazzyone3477d ago

lol, that 2nd to last reviewer called it super mario bros brawl... didn't anyone proofread her addition before her post. Man, if only no more heroes sold better. It really deserved it.

ArtisianDragon3477d ago

Why did someone put Wii Fit? Following up with this as their reason

"Because everybody needs to get off their couches and at least try to be fit. "

I think if people wanted to be fit they'd do something else for the most part, though anyway I see everyone is putting brawl and such. As a runner up I'd personally have Mario Kart Wii.