Good News for Fans of In-Game Advertising

Double Fusion, a leading company who handles "In-Game Advertising", has promoted Jana Friedman to senior vice president of worldwide ad sales. Friedman was formerly sales VP for the company's Casual Games Group, and the company says her promotion will help Double Fusion build on its "double-digit" revenue growth over the past year.

While often viewed as a nuisance at best, or damaging to a game's immersion or atmosphere, in-game advertising has been an effective way for developers to keep cost of their software to gamers down, and in some cases, completely free of charge.

One example is Funcom's MMORPG Anarchy Online, which allows player to experience the game online with a set of expansion packs free of charge while the game's various billboards and television monitors showcase real-world advertisements. Players who wish to pay to play the game are given the option to turn off real-world advertisements and, instead, view "in-game" generic advertisements instead.

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