Microsoft expect a PS3 price cut soon writes:

"Microsoft product manager Aaron Greenberg said today that he expects a drop in the price of the Playstation 3 in two to three months."

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XXXRATED3513d ago

what tiny brains the people at ms have. sonys got them by the balls and they are shaking in their pants!

MasFlowKiller3513d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

for a console double the price i think the ps3 is doing ok, a price cut would completely give EU back to sony(not counting the wii) but USA is hard to say. i think that USA gamer follow the media alot and well the media hate sony with a passion(Kotaku, Gametrailers to name a few) so its hard to say if a 299 ps3 would do as well as a 199 360, just look at 08, 360 gamer were happy with 2 game for the entire year while the ps3 gave quality title all year

Sergeant Osiris3512d ago

"waaaaaah we aren't making any money on the 360's we sell and want Sony to lose money just like us"

Saint Sony3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Though, price drop would be pretty logical, but so far Sony has been totally illogical with PS3.

MS is clever, saying things like this will just eat PS3 sales. People start to wait the price cut now and PS3 looses sales. MS is trying to hit the final nail in PS3 coffin.

shine13963512d ago

or maybe he wants people to put off buying ps3s in the run up to febuary. why would people buy ps3s if they knew that a price cut is just round the corner? Aren't sales often lowest, the week before an announced price cut.

Captain Tuttle3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I think Saint Sony and Shine are right...MS just wants to keep the idea of price cuts for the PS3 out there so people hold off buying. Personally I don't think they'll happen until next holiday season...Sony has stated time and again that they're more concerned with profitability than with marketshare right now.

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sonic19893513d ago

MS sould be glad that SONY didn't do price cut, because if it had happened 360 wouldn't sell what it sold in the last 3 months.

chrisnick3513d ago

it seems to be a bit of reverse psychology.....the majority of ppl who don't have a ps3 don't have it due to its if u tell me its gonna get a price cut soon, im gonna wait till it drops b4 i cave in and buy one now.......ahhh.....once in their own way calling ppl idiots.

morganfell3512d ago

Microsoft reps are making comments for two reasons.

1 - First they hope that it isn't true. Being cheap is the only 9 iron left in the MS bag. By making these remarks they want to lure SOny into making another official press release that says "No price cut planned for the first half of calendar 2009. This way they can have Sony provide reassurance for them that their only advantage is still present.

2 - Microsoft always prefaces bad news with comments and attempts to acknowledge before hand what will occur so it gives the appearance they are in control and were aware this or that was going to take place. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, we are in control. It's a minor bit of turbulence said the the left wing flew off the plane...

They know as they are staring down the gun barrel that trying to prevent a major price driven PlayStation swing is the only thing they have left to save them.

JeffGUNZ3512d ago

That was the most hilarious post I have come across yet. The biggest fanboyism I have ever seen. You don't think if PS3 when to $300 that MS wouldn't drop theirs to $150. Sony is losing money on every system sold. Why do you think all these exclusives are coming out this year, it's their last ditch effort to break/even make profit...If they do make profit, then, and only then will there be a price drop. Sony is between a rock and a hard place right now. If they drop the price, sure some more people will buy it, but they will still be losing more money in the long haul. They need all these 2009 exclusives to sell big time, or Sony will fall further behind the 360. There is no doubt the PS3 has great hardware and great technology, but it's just not an econimcally sound console. This isn't Sonys generation, maybe the next console they will make a more realistic, affordable system for the masses. It's a shame, I always loved Sony, but the price of the PS3 compared to Xbox made me switch to Microsoft, and I am sure it did the same for a lot of people.

PS...Your analogies are awful and you should stop trying to use them, you just make yourself look juvenile.

Sarick3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo need to stop telling the public they assume this or that about their competitions stratigy. Sure it's good to point out strengths and weaknesses but telling Joe public the other guy is doing this when it's purely speculation is silly.

Consider this. If you have a product that does something be it drives you to work etc such as a car that's is designed by company A. If your company B you don't have the expertise to tell Joe public how company A does their inside management. Let company A deal with company A's management and you deal with your company B's management.

By company B telling Joe public that company A is going to have some big price drop or fire sale soon it's skewing public demand. It's a method to FUD potential customers into delaying purchases for company A's product. If people hear there'll be a discount or price cut soon they may decide to wait it out instead of making a purchase.

MasFlowKiller3513d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I think it was stupid of Aaron Greenberg to say such a think, with the 360 09 lineup looking a bit dry and the ps3 lineup well not looking dry a price cut would be the icing on a cupcake

Turbo Teddy3512d ago

Don’t understand why he is getting all the disagrees? He is completely right. Its business 1 on 1. Every company is spending a lot of money preventing their competitors getting their inside knowledge. So Micrsosoft or Sony or Nintendo properly don’t know anything about each other’s future price strategies. It’s pure speculation. And “Joe public” can’t use this kind of information to anything. I’m hitting the agree button.

Helghast Slayer3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Hear is a thought. How about you focus on securing at least 1 worthwhile game for the 360 instead of worrying about sony's business structure.

CryofSilence3513d ago

Agreed. They do have Alan Wake though (console exclusive, at least). I'm not counting the Halo spin-offs because I've never really liked Halo.

a_cold_soul3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

MS did that when they got FFX13 and Tekken6 LMAO and then there's Alan Wake and I can't forget Star Ocean and who know what else MS got up there sleeves for E3.

CryofSilence3513d ago

I think he was referring to exclusives. Who knows?

MasFlowKiller3512d ago

the name of the game is
if their were not exclusive then buying a ps3 would be pointless to a gamer, so becuase microsft has such poor first and second party they convince all third party to stop making exclusive

but i think a console is only ass good as the tittle you can play on them so that why 07 was the year of the 360, 08 was the year of the ps3 and 09 is looking to be the year of the ps3 too

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Gue13513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

... LOL