Getting To Market First Helped MS Beat Sony This Generation

Each console generation brings with it fierce competition between the consoles/companies. While it's undisputable that Nintendo did what was necessary this generation to securely capture the casual gaming market (as Wii sales clearly indicate), the battle for the attention of the more hardcore gaming crowd was, again, between Microsoft and Sony.

Could it be that simply making it to market first is the reason Microsoft is faring better than Sony this console generation? It very well could be - and if that's the case, it's all due to some smart business decisions by Microsoft, and a bit of embarrassing oversight by Sony.

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Shadow Flare3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

At the sacrifice of not designing the console properly

Align the console launches together, who sells more: PS3 or 360?

If the consoles were priced the same, which would sell more?

Why is it in the lead?
-Microsoft released a broken console a year early and has had to drop the price again and again making it cheaper then a wii, because ps3 was outselling it again, and again, and again.

I don't think MS have beaten Sony this generation

Frag Monger3513d ago

Sales figures say differently. ;)

Shadow Flare3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Aligned launch sales figures don't

trancefreak3513d ago

And microsoft has run low on exclusives because of it.

Frag Monger3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Total sales figures are what matters.

Since PS3's launch in November 2006, Xbox 360 has outsold PS3 by nearly 2:1 on average, bringing a total U.S. Xbox 360 install base of 9.2 million consoles, compared to and installed base of 7.4 million Wii consoles and 3.3 million PS3 consoles.

The 360 has sold FAR more than double what the PS3 has. That's the concrete basis for saying MS beat Sony this gen. Spin it any way you like, but Sony is losing this gen - badly.

Shadow Flare3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

"Total sales figures are what matters"

No it doesn't considering since launch ps3 has been outperforming 360 worldwide. You're about 11 years old aren't you? Consider this shocking fact: America...isn'

It's a known fact that 360 usually sells better in the US then ps3. Turn to the biggest gaming territory in the world however (Europe) and ps3 launched 16 months after 360 and has outsold it in total numbers despite always being considerbly more expensive.

And let's not even talk about Japan. The 3rd territory where 360 is effectively dead. Box 360 had 1 year headstart. Take that year away, ps3 has outsold it

Frag Monger3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

You are wrong. Plain & simple. Here's the proof (WORLDWIDE FIGURES):

Total Units Shipped to retail (Worldwide) as of Nov. 2008:

Wii - 34.55 Million
Xbox 360 - 22.5 Million
PS3 - 16.84 Million

The 360 has outsold the PS3 in total sales in every world region except Japan (follow the link).


Oh - and I'm 40 pal. Perhaps you are the one who is 11.

Karum3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

"Total sales figures are what matter"

If that is indeed true then let's check what the sales figures are at the end of each consoles life cycle.

360 around and supported for 10 years? Can't see it.

Have a disagree and -bubble for stupidity, what 40 year old thinks the US and it's sales figures alone are the only thing that matters?

Shadow Flare3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

frag monger, what are you on? Did you not get from my comments that i said the reason 360 is ahead is because of its 1 year headstart? Let's use your numbers:

Xbox 360 - 22.5 Million
PS3 - 16.84 Million

Take a year's sales off 360's and who would be ahead?
Considering i believe 2 years into its life 360 had 13 million sold and ps3 had 17 million sold 2 years into its life respectively

ergo, align launch sales figures, and ps3 is performing much better then 360. What a shock.

Sarcasm3513d ago

What's this nonsense about beating or winning? The 360 has been out for 3 years and the PS3 2 years. The PS3 is selling the same rate or better as the 360 in the same time frame at $200 more with competition.

God must really like ignorant blind fanboys, because he's making more and more of them everyday.

morganfell3512d ago

I didn't know this generation was over....What is the new console?

Highatus3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I was gunna say the same thing Morgan.

And to Frag, sorry man those are units Shipped not units sold, yes it has units sold on the link but you based them on shipped, and the link you provide only have the PS3 updated to may of 2008 (units sold in europe) not nov 2008 as the rest of the consoles you list.

I could really care less who sold what really, but if your going to state a fact make sure you provide up to date ones, and don't base them on unknown figures (shipped units means nothing).

3512d ago
Sony PlayStation 33512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Who's 40 with a name like "Frag Monger" and trolls on a nerdy video game site like N4G 500+ times and has a total score of 20,430?

Who's 40 and thinks that America is the only place populated with the Human species?

Who's 40 and thinks the term "Total" means "American"?

LMAO Frag Monger! I like how you state the 360 is out selling PS3 well over 3-1, and then you post a link to a no-cred website that lists 360 sales through November 2008 but only lists PS3 sales through May 2008. Even worse is that you BS site lists 360 at 22.5 million and PS3 at 16.84 which is NOT a ratio of 3-1. LMAO! Your "facts" are so wrong that you can't even find a way to spin them!

TheTwelve3512d ago

All of these poor excuses for journalism won't stop the Sony train in 2009 and beyond! That's right, take your shots now h8ers!


soxfan20053512d ago

I challenge anyone to name a country that accounts for more worldwide sales than the U.S. The U.S. ALONE accounts for 40-45% of all worldwide sales. That's just ONE country! It takes another hundred or so countries COMBINED to equal that. Don't discount U.S. sales because "the US is not the world". Winning the US market is the biggest prize a console can hope for.

Sony PlayStation 33512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

It doesn't matter which country has the highest percentage of sales! By YOUR logic, since the US counts for 45% sales, who cares about the other 55% of the world. 55% is the majority so therefor it DOES matter!

There's somewhere around like 5 million PS3s is the US out of around 20 million world wide.

So... 5/20 = 25% NOT 45%

SL1M DADDY3512d ago

Yes, and we ALL know that this generation is already over...


Yeah right. Article = Fail

Tempist3512d ago

Alright people, looks like this gen is over. Pack it up and wait for the next gen / round of consoles.

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panasonic233513d ago

lol the same could be said about ps2 getting on market before the xbox gonna by sony [email protected] logic is superior to ps2 because it have better graphic, built in hard drive and xbox live.

Sarcasm3513d ago

Actually the original Xbox is an excellent console. It was as cutting edge as it could be for it's time. Online play, excellent graphics, hard drive, DVD playback, reliable hardware, excellent controller.

It's sad the same cant be said about the 360.

thebudgetgamer3512d ago

that race wasnt even close were this is neck and neck


poindat3512d ago

How is last gen comparable to this gen? I mean look, everything is backwards. The Xbox may have very well been able to overcome the PS2 had they launched at the same time, it was the superior console. But, with the PS2's amazing library of games, and still growing mind you while the Xbox is sitting dead, the PS2 is the console of choice for last gen.

Now out of the past and to the current day. I assume your point was that Sony fans call the PS3 superior because of its features even though it is lacking a bit in sales (I'm not even sure of this, it would be nice to try to use some grammar and sentence structure but I understand that English isn't everybody's first language :]). As I said above, the original Xbox can be called the superior console in terms of features, but did it have the games to beat out the PS2? No. Now game quality is a completley objective thing, though, so while I may say that the PS3 has the games that I (key word here is I) want, others may say the 360. Or the Wii. Or you could get all three if you have the time and money. But either way, in terms of software it is a VERY close call who has the best quality this gen.

I feel that I may be starting to drift off of the topic (maybe I have?) but, yeah, that's my view on this.

cmrbe3512d ago

Sony still has more talent than MS. Sony still had ND,Poly,Santa Monica, Team ICO etc to push the PS2 hardware unlike MS last gen.

This gen is the same situation. MS is relying on a few first parties but mostly on 3rd parties to distinguish the x360 from the PS3 like they tried and failed last gen for the xbox.

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PirateThom3513d ago

So, this console generation lasted from 2005 to 2008?

Funny, because I don't see any new consoles...

Frag Monger3513d ago

MS has sold more than twice as many Xbox 360's as Sony has sold PS3's (See figures above).

Unless something truly amazing happens, Sony will never regain the lead this gen.

PirateThom3513d ago

Apart from the fact the 360 hasn't sold double the number of PS3s.

Microsoft say 8m, but it's closer to 5m, difference.

meepmoopmeep3512d ago

where have you been Thom?

i already own a PS4 and Xbox 720 and Wii 2.

it's NEXT gen already.
have you been living under a rock?


Sarcasm3512d ago

"MS has sold more than twice as many Xbox 360's as Sony has sold PS3's"

360, out for 3 years.
PS3, out for 2 years.

Since nobody cares about time frames, the PS2 even though it was out 5 years earlier than the 360, has outsold the 360 5:1.

See what I did?

cmrbe3512d ago

no man. You are the one living under a rock. I already have

A wii-pii that plays NES level games.

A x1080p that finally plays 1080p games.

and a PS5 with 5d graphics.

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creeping judas3513d ago

MS drops price = desperation
SONY drops price = strategically awesome

Once the PS3 price cut comes into play in 2009, I can just see the magnificient praises to Sony for being a visionary by lowering their price.

Frag Monger3513d ago

Desperation? Are you crazy? The 360 has outsold the PS3 by a margin of greater than 2:1 and the margin is only getting wider.

MS lowered the 360's price once they managed to lower their manufacturing costs for the system - and to help sales (which is 'strategically awsome'). Sony is still losing money on every PS3 they sell and got killed in holiday sales in 08 due to their lack of a price drop.

creeping judas3513d ago

I'm not saying the price cut was desperation, the PS3 fanoboys do. And they also praise PS3 price cuts. Thats what I don't get.

Frag Monger3513d ago

Ahh. Gotcha. I mis-read your post. ;)

Any PS3 price cuts mean Sony will be losing even more on each PS3 sold.

El_Colombiano3512d ago

2:1 sales huh? Is that why, up until the recent price drop of the 360, the PS3 was constantly outselling the 360 world wide for the entire year? Or maybe since the 360 has outsold the PS3 2:1, which the PS3 is at 23 Million right now, indicates that the 360 has sold 46 Million? Oh Only 28 Million shipped while 23 Million PS3's sold. Your logic fails so hard. That 5 Million gap is the only thing you trolls can talk about, and you know what bud? Its closing. And its closing fast.

The PS3 outsold the 360 in 2007, and in 2008. If you look at the sales matter in a logical way, which I doubt you could comprehend it but still, the PS3 has always been outselling the 360. On 360's launch year, it failed to sell as much as the PS3's launch year.

Sarcasm3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

The same thing was said about the PS3 when it dropped it's price from $599 to $499 and $499 to $399. Sony is desperate!

What you fail to see, is that everybody including PS3 fanboys and 360 fanboys is the only way the PS3 can continue to be competitive is to drop the price again.

Is it a move in desperation? Not quite. It's a half-dikked 2" brained monkey obvious NEEDED price cut.

003512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I think people say because that happened like what...the first six month it hit the stores?.

poindat3512d ago

"strategically awesome"

Heh, I love your use of those two words.

cmrbe3512d ago

When Sony drop the price of the PS3 it was already $200-$300 more than competition. That is not desperation but rather smart business.

Desperation is dropping the price to below the wii price point when its already 200 dollars cheaper than direct competition.

Do you guys get it now?.

Parapraxis3512d ago

"Desperation? Are you crazy? The 360 has outsold the PS3 by a margin of greater than 2:1 and the margin is only getting wider. "
No, desperation would be trying to explain to you how very VERY wrong that statement is and have you COMPREHEND it.
The facts are readily available on the internet. Maybe check them again. Claiming 360 has outsold the PS3 by a margin of over 2:1 is absolute dilusion.
To think people can be this uninformed and ignorant and yet are still be able to operate a computer is beyond me.

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