Is the PlayStation Doomed?

Oliver Marks of Znet writes: "Sony, putting aside the human toll of massive restructuring, is a fascinating example of the carnage happening in the business world today, and the stifling of innovation in large companies. Today's multinational conglomerate had humble origins in post WWII Japan: Masaru Ibuka started a radio repair shop in a bombed-out building in Tokyo, and was joined by his colleague Akio Morita a year later.

These two innovators built Japan's first tape recorder and went on to experiment with transistors, a new invention at the time. The resulting transistor radios and subsequent creativity produced an explosion of consumer and professional products synonymous with quality. It's hard to overstate how innovative the company was in its youth: even the name Sony - a made up word which could be copyrighted and was one of the first global consumer brands - was hugely controversial in Japan, where it was unheard of not to have a company name in Kanji, and wildly creative and attention getting in the western world.

So how did this creative dynamo deteriorate into the opaque bureaucracy that is Sony today - a company which is ubiquitous on the planet but unfocused compared to for example Apple, who claimed the next generation of personal audio - and the massively lucrative content market - after Sony's hugely successful WalkMan?"

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pp3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Here's a simple answer YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

rucky3511d ago

"Here's a simple answer YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS according to a nobody like me."


topgeareasy3511d ago

The playstation is not doomed unlike some consoles that are doomed out of the box (RROD)

IzKyD13313511d ago


Cwalat3511d ago

ppl just won't give a rest...

why are they so obsessed with PS3 and the chance of a failure?

fact is... games are still coming out and PS3 owners are enjoying their console... WHAT ELSE do you want?

morganfell3511d ago

This is because what you are experiencing is a last ditch effort by Microsoft and it's fans to stave off the inevitable. It is going to get worse before it gets better.

crck3511d ago

Fact: PS 3 sold 20 mill in 2 years. 360 sold 28 mill in 3 years. If the PS3 is doomed then so is the 360. The PS3 may be a disappointment in terms of sales but it is not doomed. Sony made a calculated gamble by including blu-ray. It cost them dominance in the console market but gave them a new stream of revenue in the home video segment. Only time will tell if the gamble will pay off.

Oner3511d ago

Here we go again. The next 3 days will be "doom & gloom" misinformation articles...

Blitzed3511d ago

Not long ago I would have passed off a comment like yours as a fanboy conspiracy theory, but the sheer volume of "Is the PS3 Doomed?" or "Should Sony Cancel the PS3?" articles, just reeks of FUD marketing.

While we may laugh at how ridiculous these uniformed opinions are, there is obviously a general consensus growing in the mainstream media that the PS3 is doing much worse than it actually is. You have to hand it to MS, they are good at what they do.

f7897903511d ago

Its not news. Its not even an opinion. Its just a dream of a fanboy.

morganfell3511d ago

Blitzed, that is exactly the issue. You reach a point where you can no longer look at the massive volume of articles and write it off to coincidnce, the changing of the tides, air pollution, or just fearful 360 fans.

And I have mentioned it before:

Some of the post reads:

"Think what you will but there has been a hand, perhaps organized, perhaps not in far too many matters concerning negative publicity about the PS3. Sony is responsible for it's own fair share of mistakes, particularly in the early days of the PS3.

But some events, unavoidable coincidence, reek of influence. The only question that remains is whether that influence was accidental (and some of it was) or directed and controlled. And I believe some of it was and is. MS makes its 360 bones quite often on what they claim the competition is not. Or what the competition does not offer rather than on what they are and what the 360 offers. Every time MS panics they send Greenberg out to make an ass of himself with such claims. Peter Moore used to offer the same 'service'."

Liger3511d ago

There is no conspiracy. I think Sony fanboys are spoiled here. And why not? You had/have a group that only allowed anti-microsoft/pro-sony news on this site for a very long time. It's just tough because alot of you aren't getting your daily dose of Miscrosoft Is the Devil/ Sony Cures Death stories. Get over yourselves, and try getting laid for once in your life.

Swigelf3511d ago

There are reports coming in from respected global media sources that sony is in trouble, not fanboy blogs on amateur websites. This article examines Sony's issues, and it was frankly a well written insightful and informing story.

Blitzed3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

You must be new to N4G as it wasn't always 'pro Sony'. If you were here in 07 you would have witnessed this site being very pro 360 and the majority of the members (at last the vocal ones) were 360 fans. Every PS3 article was overrun by 360 trolls much the way you probably feel 360 articles are by PS3 trolls today.

Also, if you think FUD is a conspiracy theory, you should research the topic (specifically in the late 80's when MS learned the art of FUD from IBM).

@Swigelf- this was not an 'article' or 'story', this was a blog from

MazzingerZ3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Yeah I guess, people don't like the console....20 million consoles sold worldwide where the cheapest has been sold for 399 in only 2 years in the NTSC/NTSC-J region and 18 months in PAL territories (it missed x-mas 2007 there)... yeah doomed

The truth is that X360 just caught up with PS3 regarding sales since dec 2007, since then SONY had sold 2 more millions console than Microsof before the price cut after that they are just like a year ago with the difference that PS3 kept its market share and at the same time increated its installment base as they have been selling constantly well, Microsoft lost some of its market share to the Wii and has sold as many consoles as the PS3 since dec 2007

Since Dec 2007
PS3 increased its installment base from 7.7 M to 20 M (61%)
X360 from 15 M to 28 M (46%)

That's the truth so anyone saying the X360 sold great during 2008 is actually giving the same credit to the PS3...why people don't talk about games instead? sales are only relevant for Microsoft and SONY...for us games is about what each offered during 2008, exclusives... you don't see those metacritic comparisions and exclusives line-up anymore...that should mean something

This kind of analysis you'll never see in american sites as people is more worried about being a patriot and defending Microsoft against the Japanese invasion.

People buy the console because it has great games and more are coming, 2 years ago the bashing was about the "cell", over engineered machine, complicated HW...last year it was about not having games but only bad ports, a "waste of time"...the media and developers(like EA, Valve) has eaten their words one by one...and today the only people that still don't give up are mostly the average joe... they will sooner than later

I would say to those people stop worrying about the future of the PS3 also to the ones posting this "news" your opinions are outdated and full of ignorance...anyone that really know about VG knows the PS3 has a lot to offer.

TheTwelve3511d ago

Our contributer "Rowland" is clearly digging the bottom of the barrel now! Rowland, can you make it 3/3 today? C'mon...I'm sure you can find another blog stating the same garbage!


Gorilla Monsoon3511d ago

Sony fanboys are an embaressment to gamers everywhere. Gaming has never seen a group of fanboys that are bigger crybabies, schizo's, liars, and company nut suckers. I would rather die than be a part of their way of thinking.

ElementX3511d ago

Same with Sony fans saying MS is doomed once the PS3 gets a price drop.

lokin3511d ago

some bring up the fact that ps3 sold 20mil in 2 years and 360 only 28 mil... fine ps3 "won" but you have to remember how many actually waited for the ps3 to be released because of brand loyalty. there are a crap lot more sony loyalty than ms loyalty. and come on 2 mil is not allot... way things are now 360 will make that difference up in a few months

prowiew3511d ago

Of all the doom playstation articles, this is the best one Ive read.

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Darkseider3511d ago

Yet another wonderfully unniformative opinion piece from a talking head looking for hits with his blog. Sad thing is if you read the article, yes I did click the link before bashing him, he even intimates that Sony will be closing or even selling off the Playstation division as well as others. Yes the author of the blog is a moron. Feel free to tell him so. Ooh and again this a blog submitted as news. YAY! GO N4G! GHEY

morganfell3511d ago

That is why this article isn't news but rather a public act of idiocy. Sony selling off the PlayStation division? That's news? No it isn't even speculation and therefore isn't news worthy.

I can but guess that an article that says MS is preparing to recall all Xbox 360s and put free Bluray drives in them is newsworthy if I find it in a blog. It takes more than the fact some wild conjecture is published to actually define it as news. But as we roll into 2009 some people will grab any blade of grass as they are pushed over the cliff.


This is getting pretty sad now.I wonder y every one wants the ps3 to fail.They act like they have forgoten what the playstation brand has giving us in the past 10-17 yrs.This is so lame words cannot even describe how i feel write now.

Anon19743511d ago

Oh, that's right. He "left" Sony Playstation Worldwide studios to go start his lucrative career as a blogger. And where should he find employment but CNET, and we all know they're fair and unbiased.

Silellak3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

These articles are getting old.

Look, both the PS3 and the 360 will do fine next year. Neither of them are doomed. The gaming media is just obsessed with being overdramatic. Will the 360 continue to sell better than the PS3? Yeah, probably.

With the economy being how it is, and the 360's initial price point being lower, it's just a matter of common sense. You can harp on the price of the "additions" to the 360, but the fact is, most consumers just see the initial price tag when they're pricing things. And a $400 price tag is still a scary number for most people.

Sure, the 360 has less exclusives than the PS3 in 2009, but as long as most games are multiplatform - and perform about equal on both systems - and as long as the 360 is cheaper than the PS3, then that situation favors the 360. A big reason I don't own a PS3 yet is simply because most of the games I want are multiplatform, and the PS3-exclusive games I want simply aren't out yet. I can wait until God of War 3 is actually released before I get a PS3. Hopefully, it will be cheaper by then anyway.

The PS3 will do just fine, but none of its exclusives are going to overwhelmingly turn the tide. Sony needs a significant price drop before that will happen. Still, why anyone would think the system is doomed is beyond me.

Cajun Chicken3511d ago

People with Calvin and Hobbes avatars make me happy.

Unicron3511d ago

A wise post. And I agree entirely.


Dont waste ur time writing all that.That will not stop the ps3 is doomed articles coming in.....On a side not have a bubble.

poopsack3511d ago

oh thank goodness, I was asking myself why we hadnt seen another of these articles on the past day.