VGC Review: Savage Moon

VGC writes: "Another week, another PSN game. How does Savage Moon match up against the other great offerings available on the PlayStation Network?

Savage Moon is a downloadable Tower Defence game available on the Playstation Network, and is the first foray into console gaming for its developer, FluffyLogic.

Savage Moon entrusts the player with the task of defending a mining base on a living asteroid, called an Imoon. Imoons are heavy in various vital minerals long depleted back on Earth. However, they have a natural defence system in the form alien entities known as Insectocytes. Recognizing the threat these Insectocytes pose, humans have developed various towers that can dropped onto an asteroid, each fulfilling a different task in order to protect the mine. These are the tools you are provided with in order to defend the base. Think Starship Troopers meets your standard tower defence game and you're more or less there."

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360RRODFIX3391d ago

GREAT game, better than Pixel Junk Monsters

Baba19063391d ago

it doesnt have two player option that makes me wanna cry. but it is really fun. and quit hard.