GamesRadar: Killzone 2: What the reviews will say

GamesRadar writes: "The first Killzone 2 review was leaked online a few days ago and, with the US Official Playstation Magazine rewarding it with a perfect 5/5, interest is obviously at a peak for the much hyped PS3 shooter. Until the review goes public we're guessing at what they've based that score on. But, from our time playing five levels of advanced preview code, we've listed the good things that we think have earned the game those full marks and even highlighted the bits that might see Killzone get a bit of a kicking in other reviews."

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Omega43508d ago

So basically the good is what the hardware is capable of and 1 weapon

While the bad is the gameplay

You gotta wonder why OPM gave it a 5/5 i suppose since they did give Killzone 1 a 4/5 so they couldnt exactly rate it lower could they

Cant wait to see the reviews

TheHater3508d ago

Have you played the game? YES or NO?
It a very simple question and I am certain someone such as you can answer that.

Omega43508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

No (it isnt out yet, thats a bit of a dumb question), but Gamesrader has :)

MegaMohsi3508d ago

They've played a preview code, hence why they have no review yet.

TheHater3508d ago

So you have NOT played the game. But you are judging the game base on someone else opinion base on what they like and what they dislike? I don't see the logic in that at all. Maybe you can explain to me if you don't mind.

TheExecutive3508d ago

For one thing the 4/5 that was given to KZ1 isnt even from the same magazine... I think the new OPM came into existence last year so its pretty hard to use that ad hominem argument...

Secondly, gameplay is highly subjective. These guys say its super immersive and then they say it feels "gamey"... I cant say that these two mesh at all. What that tells me is that these guys were either looking for good things to say or finding something to complain about, OR they just dont know what they think and are spouting off things at random. I mean its pretty hard to feel immersed if all the objectives feel like going to point A and doing this and then trigger this and so on..

So, in order to tell whether the gameplay sucks or not one should play the game for oneself and not take a game journalists word for it because too often they dont share the same tastes as their readers, especially GamesRadar.

Rock Bottom3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Try harder,you're not trolling enough.

"It's amaizing
The commitment Omiga made to troll every Killzone 2 article.

Gives you an idea how much jealousy is burning inside him, I almost feel sorry for you buddy..."

marinelife93508d ago

I think most reviewers will note.

The Graphics (obviously)

The Multiplayer (the Beta was brilliant and the weapons all felt excellent)

The attention to detail

The negatives

I think some will knock the fact that it doesn't have a co-op mode yet.

Others will knock it truthfully because it isn't multiplat

TheExecutive3508d ago

Things I am worried about include:

Mission Objectives
The lack of splitscreen for the bots (I mean whats the point without a buddy)
The lack of any kind of Co-Op

Things I am absolutely excited about:

The MP (worth the price of admission alone)
The Graphics AND Sound
The Single Player
The weapons
lean and peak

Omega43508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

"But you are judging the game base on someone else opinion base on what they like and what they dislike?"

Considering thats all i got right now since the game isnt out, yeah. And before you go saying "i was in the beta and it was great" i'd rather go with a recognizable website than a fanboy

"So, in order to tell whether the gameplay sucks or not one should play the game for oneself and not take a game journalists word for it because too often they dont share the same tastes as their readers, especially GamesRadar"

Well the thing is i dont plan on buying every single game in existence to find out that i dont like it and waste money, reviews make purchasing games a lot easier espeically when the majority of them say the same thing, because then its likely more fact than opinion

MURKERR3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

for trolling is hoping killzone fails, guess what i see this game getting top marks, you are the worst troll ive seen on n4g all your negativity your existence is hoping sony fails, GET A LIFE honestly

sorry somebody had to say it

Blademask3508d ago

Eurogamer/Edge/1up/GamesRadar Will all have problems with:

The Campaign mode.
While giving the campaign mode passes for all 3 games named above. Pick your poison. Short, thats all of them. Repetitive, thats all of them, Monster closets and scripted sequences, thats all of them. But Yeah, its going to be a problem for KZ2.

NO one is going to admit that KZ2 is the best looking console game by both visual and technical standards. They will call it "one of the best looking games" but these same people couldn't help but notice Halo3's "subtle beauty" and declaring Gears of War the Graphics king.

Will the SP alone drag down the 9's the game deserves? Yes.
Did it drag down any of the other games I mentioned? Nope, because "..multiplayer is where Halo3 really shines!"

Killzone 2 is the best thing that could have ever happened to the PS3. It shows that 4d/NextGenStarting When we say so/Cell is all 100% True. It stomps all over any console game created technically, and has no install. Everyone will pretend its not amazing, but its the bar that everyone isn't going to be able to reach, unless they dev on a ps3.

chaosatom3508d ago

I know i am. I don't even feel like a troll without xbox articles.


ph3lid3508d ago


yeah right, 4D gaming .. lolol

oh oh

SL1M DADDY3508d ago

They can't possibly have a game for the PS3 that they love completely. Even in the best of cases, they have to dig deep to find flaws in order to keep from admitting they loved one.

The site thrives on controversy, it's as simple as that.

TheHater3508d ago

Omega4: "Considering thats all i got right now since the game isnt out, yeah. And before you go saying "i was in the beta and it was great" i'd rather go with a recognizable website than a fanboy"

I wasn't in the beta so you shouldn't take my word for it. That why I don't comment on the gameplay of this game base on what someone else says. After reading all the previews for this game from "recognizable" websites, I still have yet to form a judgment on the gameplay for this game. That why I am waiting for it to come out so I can make my own judgment about it.

Omega4: "Well the thing is i dont plan on buying every single game in existence to find out that i dont like it and waste money, reviews make purchasing games a lot easier espeically when the majority of them say the same thing, because then its likely more fact than opinion"

People opinions are not facts. Get that straight. And you sir shouldn't call yourself a gamer in any way. Sure you might play games but you are not playing games because the look interesting to you. You play a game because someone in a magazine or a website says you should play this game over another game.

Jamegohanssj53508d ago

Didn't GR look into the future and give KZ2 a 8/10? LMAO!


GVON3508d ago

can anyone name me 5 fps games that this doesn't happen,so long as the don't give constant cod style re spawns then this isn't a problem.

SullyDrake3508d ago

Killzone was actually good; solid controls, great art direction, awesome visuals for the PS2, decent voice acting, and a story you won't instantly forget. So what was wrong? The PS2 couldn't handle Guerilla's vision, they pushed it too hard visually and the visual inconsistencies with how the game performed ended up being a detriment to the entire experience. Now with the PS3, they aren't even close to maxing out the console, and Killzone 2 is easily the best looking console game on the market and can certainly stand up to a non-texture-modded Crysis.

I am putting my faith in Killzone 2 as one of the best games of 2009, and maybe even the best FPS of 2009.

MegaMohsi3508d ago

When Uncharted released, most reviews clearly stated it was the graphics king for consoles, same with MGS4. I see them saying the exact same thing for KZ2 because hands down it will be the best looking console game to date. Also this is just what GamesRadar thinks, I don't think sites will deduct points because of the campaign, if anything it'll be because it doesn't bring enough "new" things to the table which those aforementioned titles didn't bring either, they were evolutionary not revolutionary. If KZ2 is anywhere near revolutionary, it deserves the same scores as those 3 games.

WANNA GET HIGH3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

U need to get ur brain checked out.They wrote that based on 5 stages.I am pretty sure killzone2 has more than 5stages..Or im i wrong!?!?!?!?!.... :/

Aclay3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

It's funny how Omega will go and spin anything "slightly" negative ANY website may say regarding Killzone 2. Every website and reviewer will have their own opinion about different aspects of the game, and this is just GamesRadar's opinion.

In my opinion, I don't see anything that GamesRadar mentioned that is very significant that will affect the score in any major way, and to me they are just nitpicking for the most part. It's not like they said, "The enemy A.I. is Horrible" or "Frame rate issues makes the game unbearable.

The Killzone 2 reviews will finally shut-up all the Haters, and it will be mine Feb. 27th, haters be damned.

morganfell3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Mitchell you are bang on. I play Killzone at least once a month. It was a remarkable vision with great animations and a look of which other game devs only dream. It truly was Saving Private Ryan in the future.

Unlike a recent big name shooter, Killzone actually has a very varied atmosphere and a wide array of terrain in the levels. Multiple characters to choose and some of the coolest weapons ever. Most of the negative comments concerning that title come from people that never played it.

bloop3508d ago

I have to disagree Mitchell, Killzone 1 was absolutely horrible. Killzone 2 looks phenomenal, but if it's anything like the first than it might as well be a turd with some glitter on top. Here's hoping it isn't.


omega likes to listening to others . he like a sheep that follows what every one else thinks . get off the hype and play the games for yourself fool so you can make your own opinion . yeah and i bought haze now what .

Unicron3508d ago

I have to agree with Blademask. Problems overlooked in other titles I see being brought up here. Repetitive enemies, hello thar CoD4. Didn't stop it from being one of the best FPSs EVER.

Homicide3508d ago

This game is going to be nitpicked to death.

Aclay3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )


I totally agree with what you said. I own Killzone 1, and to me, it was a very solid shooter. What people tend to forget is that Killzone 1's downfall in terms of reviews were all of the technical issues in the game such as Framerate and enemy A.I., not much of anything else.

I own Killzone 1 and I still play it from time to time, but if I was to rate the game myself, I would probably give it a 7.5/10. Killzone 1 was a very solid shooter, but it just had a lot of technical flaws, that's it. If Killzone 1 didn't have such issues with the game, I would probably give it a 8.5/10.

Killzone 2 doesn't have the technical problems that Killzone 1 had, so I see no reason for it not to live up to the hype.

crazypuppet3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Omega didnt trash the ps3, or killzone so why the hell are you guys attacking him? All he did was summarize the story. I loved the first killzone, but it is true that reviewers didn't

ultimolu3508d ago

...How would you know? >.>

Graphics Whore3508d ago

It's easy, if you don't want this guy to open his trap, devour all his bubbles, team effort.

morganfell3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

You have to love people like crazypuppet. There is nothing quite so entertaining as watching self pwnage.

Let me quote him:

"1.28 - wow your all idiots"

Does it get any funnier than that? Of course he also doesn't know the Gamerzone forbids such remarks even if they are perfect examples of grammatical suicide.

meepmoopmeep3508d ago

that's the reason i made that thread in the forums.

i just seems nitpicking is a PS3 exclusive this gen.
it's happened to a lot of the exclusives.

InMyOpinion3508d ago

Never seen so much disagree button bashing in my life lol!

Don't worry boys, you have hyped it so much now that you are fully convinced it will be the best game ever made no matter what. Nothing could change that. Guerilla could more or less ship Haze in a Killzone 2 box without you noticing any difference.

With that said I think the game looks awesome so far. The graphics beat anything released so far but it's too early to weigh in on the gameplay. I've heard mixed feedback from people who were in the beta. Some say the aiming, a cornerstone in any good FPS, is off. Some say it's more or less a religious experience so let's hope it turns out good.

Ju3508d ago

Don't recall that MGS4 has ever been compared to Haze. MGS4 is the only one on the level of KZ2 (well, and say UC, but UC2 will settle this anyway).

prowiew3508d ago

The thing im most worried about this game is the enemy AI. Im hoping the campaign have a cinematic feel like Call of duty4 have.

But overall, is looking good

Itrguy0013508d ago

how the hell does omega still have 5 fcking bubbles!!!??? when all "he" does is troll on sony artices

Kleptic3508d ago

this is getting a little out of control...

jenzo didn't even say anything out of line, and he is at like 1 agree and 9 disagrees currently...

I put 35 hours in the beta...its the best fps on a console I have ever runs back to a level of addiction to a game I haven't had since Doom 2...

the aiming, controls, and overall feel of the game is definitely on its doesn't 'feel' like any other shooter, which is a good thing overall...but just means it will take you an extra 30 minutes to dial in and get used to...its not Halo...its not CoD...its not a crowded genre, it still manages to be completely on its own...

the control stuff is pretty much moot anyway, as the final game is confirmed to have customizable everything...and has options for hold/toggle on crouch and aiming...which was the main issue with the beta's controls...

but I totally agree with some of the more over zealous PS3 fans on this one...I have zero doubt that Killzone 2 will get smashed for SP issues that EVERY single player shooter has...they will complain about linearity (Gears 2?)...they will complain about retarded friendly NPC AI (Halo 3?)...and complain about odd scripting (EVERY CoD game)...where as most reviews mentioned those problems in other high profile shooters, they did nothing to hurt the overall score...the issues will be mentioned just the same for killzone 2...yet they will hammer it with a low 8 because of it...

can't wait to see gamespots review...

pros: Gorgeous graphics, lots of immersion, excellent multiplayer

Cons: poor SP triggering and friendly AI, and the game is too linear


thats fine on its own...but consider reviews of other shooters...and where other titles got away with these type of complaints...killzone 2 will get pounded for them, even though it has these problems LESS than others...I will put money on it...and you know what?...who gives a feck?...I will be enjoying one of the best fps I have ever played...with stunning visuals that no other console has EVER offered in any way whatsoever...with 7.1 channel sound that borders on insanity...and gameplay that I personally find fantastic...I don't give a shat what some 'professional' deems worthy or not...nor should any of you...if they do release the rumored demo for killzone 2...I bet very few people would not love the crap out of it...

InMyOpinion3508d ago

I'm known not to comment in favor of the PS3 all to often so I can understand the reaction =) I don't blame them for disagreeing.

Nice comment btw! I hope the reviewers don't nitpick this title to death like they do in some cases. With art direction and graphics as cool as in Killzone 2 I hope it plays as good as it looks. Would be a game to get a PS3 for me.

Karum3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

A lot of the time I don't agree with your posts Jenzo but if you take out the first part of it and only read the second part (the part actually on topic in regards to the game) it's actually a decent post. I think the disagrees etc. are for the first part of your post tbh but who cares eh?

Oh and btw big +bubble and agree for Kleptic, that was a very very good post.

Can't wait for KZ2, looks to be a lot of fun.

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Halochampian3508d ago

seems solid and multiplayer should be good but the objectives and level design seem to be what could have been better.

MegaMohsi3508d ago

The repeating objectives look like they could be a downer but hopefully things change later on considering it was only the first 5 levels.

40cal3508d ago

Um, its right here.

Everyone read this first then talk. Or, I guess type?

happyface3508d ago

I thought this was going to be the best fps of all time (and best game of all time)

but this article is saying lots of stuff is really bad, I dont know what to think now

hopefully this doesn't turn out like resistance 2

Ju3508d ago

What's wrong with R2 ? Except the usual review BS.

Karum3507d ago

R2 rekindled my enjoyment of shooters tbh. I hadn't touched a shooter on any platform in a few years until R2. I played a bit of R1 but never got into it cuz I wasn't into shooters that much at the time. I've now been back to R1 also, after playing and loving R2. It's a fun game imo.

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Socomer 19793508d ago

they fcking suck !

they are bumping into walls and rushing straight into the helgan.
they look retarded and they always look away from cool events like explosions and evniorment damage.

most of the american reviewers will sound like they ignored a large part of whats fun in killzone 2.

yet, it wont stop me!

40cal3508d ago

The things that they don't like don't match up at all.


Read the review, then read what GamesRadar is saying and you will see that there are a lot of discrepancies.

GiantEnemyLobster3508d ago

They would be idiots not to rate a game THEY developed a 5/5. I'm sure once some REAL reviews come in, they will only be about 5/10, maybe 6/10 max.

sunnygrg3508d ago

So that nobody gets confused. PTOM mentions explicitly that their review of 5/5 was based on the "very first full release build." Gamesradar must still have the preview build, so they cannot review the game yet.

Cajun Chicken3508d ago

Not every game 'magically' gets low scores boycotted in reviews, y'know.

happyface3508d ago


all the stuff about KILLZONE2 having bad gameplay is just bias I think

3508d ago