G4TV: Tech Review: HP IQ816 Touchsmart PC

G4TV writes: "You like to touch, don't you? Tactile computing is the wave of the future, and today's Tech Review is on it. Check it out as we get all touchy-feely with the HP IQ816 Touchsmart PC."

What You Need to Know

* Since the screen is so large and it supports up to full HD 1920 x 1200 resolution, most icons are a good touching size
* Some of the smaller parts of Vista like the tray icons or double clicking can get annoying, but you can control a lot of these touch options through the control panel
* HP also has their own built-in Touch-Smart software that gives you different widgets as well as the ability to finger swipe or pinch and zoom
* Overall, HP has the best touching capabilities of any PC
* It's about 8" deep with the stand, so you may need a little room behind it, but all the ports are located on the side for easy access
* Since it's a 25.5" screen, it makes it about 18" tall, so it's not exactly space-saving
* The large screen is definitely gorgeous though
* In our PCMark Vantage benchmarks, it scored about the same as the Toshiba G55 we saw back in October (which was a laptop) with a score of 3,600 points
* Compared to other all-in-ones in the same price range, it has a much slower processor
* This is more of a family computer for multimedia and not really powerful enough to use as a productivity tool or for other heavy lifting
* Much cheaper desktops have better performance

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