Lord of the Rings: Conquest 'Mayhem' trailer HD

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, from Pandemic Studios, lets you pick sides in the battle for Middle-Earth and go head long into battle, blade drawn.

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ironcreed3477d ago

I do not care what anyone says, and there has been a lot of hate for the demo. I personally think the multiplayer is fun as hell. Something other than a shooter for a change. Cannot wait to play the campign either, the evil campign specifically.

nos4speed3477d ago

hmmmm wotever can u get on with the next battlefront pleace XD

Nah i jest, i jest. It looks pretty good, not sure about the online but ill probably pick it up for the single player alone. I hope theres alota enemies on screen, i mean ALOT!

Killjoy1343477d ago

Online is really fun, to bad not enough people think its a great game, excited for single player the most tho :)

dachiefsman3477d ago

reason no one is online: EA

That BS online account system is garbage and mine is still jacked from when I was trying to get codes for various special guns in Battlefield: BC. I am a huge LOTR fan but they just lost my 65 clams.

EA blows.