White Knight Chronicles Lands on Japan (Media Create Sales: 12/22 - 12/28)

Chart Get! has posted the top 30 Media Create sales for the last week of the year in Japan.

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360RRODFIX3179d ago

Maybe if Doc Brown borrows you his time machine, and you travel back in time 9 days, than maybe then this would be new, but in present time this is old as Greece is.

PantherLotus3179d ago

C'mon people. Media Create is always one week late for the last week of the year. We'll get another one in a couple days.

360RRODFIX3179d ago

OLD, don't you get it? OLD is OLD.

PantherLotus3179d ago

I don't think you understand what news is. If you don't want to hear about a PS3 game doing well, you can't just say something is old and try to bury it.

360RRODFIX3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

O yeah cuz looking at my username you can clearly see i am xbox fanboy. O please stfu, i don't want to approve for 210th time same story. Just cuz it is other site doesn't mean it is "new". Get a life kid.
EDIT:BTW i put you on my ignore list, just like you did with me.

360RRODFIX3179d ago

Glad that it failed. Old news is old news. I don't want to see N4G overflown with old stuff.
BTW for those that care preliminary numbers for second week are around 80k

PantherLotus3179d ago

It's still not old; that's Famitsu data, this is Media Create data.

LeonSKennedy4Life3179d ago

Sorry they're giving you a hard time. They're clearly not looking at what you wrote.


Bubbles to PantherLotus for being much more intelligent than you two.

Baliw3179d ago



gaffyh3179d ago

Ok guys to settles this...the information is OLD, but Media Create are more accurate cos they monitor the sales, Famitsu's values are guesstimates (although they are always pretty close). SO in that sense the news isn't old.

YoMeViet3178d ago

that's like comparing VGChartz with NPD numbers

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ultimolu3179d ago

Don't think this is old...

40cal3179d ago

Almost a quarter million in one week, not bad.

resistance1003179d ago

Its actually 3 day's sales.

Honolulu3179d ago

Yikes, especially for being a new IP.
Level 5 is really starting to move up the food chain in the recent years. GJ L5! :)

Voiceofreason3178d ago

Dont cry fanboy it happens when you cant handle reality. 200k is a flop with 3m install base if 200k is a flop on 360 with a 3rd of the install base.Cry somewhere else please.

butterfinger3178d ago

200K in 3 days is not a flop, and it is also a feat that the 360 has yet to manage in Japan. If you weren't such a fanboy yourself, you may be able to make some valid points from time to time.

tk23178d ago

So you have the mods now defending you when you make your comments running down devs who did a good job and is selling better. What is your contribution sonny? Just running down hard working devs? Great contribution to society there little man.

3178d ago
Foliage3178d ago

Having no 360 title in the top 30 can only mean that the 360 is the biggest flop of them all.

Voiceofreason3178d ago

Again Sony fanboys prove they are the most ignorant of all gamers... How hard is it to comprehend? 360 isnt even at 1 million install base and they can launch a game and get 200k sales and its called a flop by you fanboys.. Then when PS3 with an install base of 3m has a game launch and it also gets 200k its called an isntant success by you fanboys. truth is its a flop. Sorry you fanboys cant deal with reality but you are the one who set the standard. It was Sony fanboys who called 150k a flop on 360.. Well 200k is also a flop especially when you look at the install base.
@Tk2, a low reviewed game that flopped in sales is hardly AAA. I know being inbred and a Sony sheep that you think anything on PS3 is automaticly AAA must own,however unlike you I am not a fanboy so I wont make false claims like that..Reviews say its crap,Sales say its crap.The only ones arguing have never even touched the game. I mean YOU and every other PS3 fanbgirl on this site. Stop crying and comprehend whats being said. If PS3 fangirls didnt call 200k on 360 a complete flop nobody would consider this game a flop. Howver its you fanboys that started it and set the standard for flops. Now though you cant handle it. Time to grow up and stop being a fanboy.

butterfinger3178d ago

"Time to grow up and stop being a fanboy."

I suppose we are to assume that you are talking to yourself again.

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The story is too old to be commented.