One year later

Sunday marked the first anniversary of Warner Bros.' decision to abandon HD DVD in favor of exclusive Blu-ray support, thus putting an end to the high-definition format war. Almost ninja-like in its cold-blooded efficiency, Warners' announcement drew fire from supporters of HD DVD, but it was the only thing that could have guaranteed HD media a chance for mainstream success.

While most of the reflection has focused on how we would still be embroiled in that war if Warners hadn't done what it did, the immediate aftermath was almost as much fun. Poor Bill Gates had to drastically revise his final Consumer Electronics Show keynote to eliminate any mention of HD DVD, while Toshiba was left to try to spin gold out of what everyone else could see was Dead Format Walking. The HD DVD Promotions Group canceled its CES press conference, and despite there being rumors of a smaller event happening later, nothing ever surfaced.

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