Free Radical Could Be On the Chopping Block

ReSolve Partners, which is handling the administration for embattled game studio Free Radical, indicated that the company could be sold in pieces instead of as a whole.

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Cajun Chicken3421d ago


I'm on about this in a industry sense, yes the employees will have a job, but the identity will be lost.
FR has been cut down enough already, cutting it up even smaller will just lose all similarity from the original company and what it stood for.

At least the developers will still have a job and thats what matters, I guess.

ThePimpOfSound3421d ago

Good point. I think everyone just likes the drama. The company had heart and it's hard to see it get butchered.

italianbreadman3421d ago

All this Free Radical news is sad to the nostalgic gamer.

James Abels3421d ago

its hard to see any company get chopped up, hopefully something good will come out of it if bought up by a bigger publisher, or they will be bought as a whole and keep doing what they do.

cain1413421d ago

If it means we get to see new games made from IPs that FR had been keeping on the shelf maybe it for the best.

T-Baggins3421d ago

As long as I get to play Timesplitters 4, I will be happy.
I don't want to see Free Radical Get chopped up but if that's what it takes, that's what it takes.

gcolley3421d ago

you can't survive on past glories forever. they all may have once worked for and then left Rare but they took their mindset with them. only nintendo manages that trick. i'm sure neversoft would be in serious trouble after their tony hawk rubbish if they hadn't found another IP to milk for all it's worth without any (original) major improvements. damn guitar hero, they don't deserve it, but at least they now have some competition to force them forward

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