Wal-Mart Trumps Gamestop This Christmas

Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey has begun to offer speculation that GameStop may have been overpowered by Wal-Mart for Christmas 2008, citing economic difficulties in conjunction with Wal-Mart's major discounting power as two prime factors for the gain.

"I can't say that, because I can't actually quantify it," GameStop CEO Dan DeMatteo said at the time. "But... October was strong, and [in] the first two weeks of November, our comps [year over year comparisons] are up 20 percent -- so that implies there's foot traffic... so, at least the new titles are bringing out the buyers."

DeMatteo added that GameStop has an advantage as a specialty retailer, and so any evolutions in how it handles game inventory is lessened, compared to a big-box outfit where games are just a section.

Gamestop is expected to disclose their sales performance for 2008 on January 6th 2009.

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Mr_Bun3453d ago

I know my Gamestop wouldn't match the prices of Bestbuy/Walmart so that is why Bestbuy got my business.

Marty83703453d ago

Wal-mart is the biggest retailer in the world.