Gamespot: Street Fighter IV Updated Hands-on

Gamespot has had plenty of glimpses at Street Fighter IV over the past few months, most notably at last year's Tokyo Game Show. In addition to playing the full arcade version for hours on end, they finally got a proper sit-down with the game on consoles, and they were incredibly impressed with the conversion.

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Swiftfox3426d ago

As a more "hardcore" street fighter fan I was personally hoping for more insight to the new characters (Sakura etc) to see how well the stack into Street Fighter 4's already balanced (for the most part) tiers.

It would have also been nice to see if any balance issues were done. The was very balanced before with a few exceptions. Changes could go as simple as a damage buff for Vega, to more more complex change of fixing the coding on Akuma's Raging Demon Ultra (honestly because of the way Akuma raises while doing it can actually interrupt and catch cross up attempts, on top of it's 60% damage.)

As usual they mention the D-Pad preference as an issue. I use a stick personally so it won't matter.

I look forward to testing my skills online.