Sony Asks: "What Are You Looking Forward To Most In 2009?"

It's the theme of the day! Insomniac Community Manager just got finished telling us how "awesome" Killzone 2 really is, and now, we see that many other industry insiders and executives have chimed in with their PlayStation expectations for 2009.

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Keele3397d ago

I'm looking forward to the fall of Suckstation 3 and the masses of Sony fangirls suiciding.

Magic_The_Celt3396d ago

Im looking foward to laughing in your face when it doesnt

Oh and im looking foward to all the 360 exlusives and PS3 exlusives in 2009, see im superior to you by having both ;)

GiantEnemyLobster3396d ago

To Sony laying off even more employees and SCE crumbling into little bitty pieces.

NegativeCreep4273396d ago

I'm looking forward to the both of you getting your balls ripped off; So that you two cannot contaminate the rest of the world with your sad pathetic ignorant seeds.

GiantEnemyLobster3396d ago

But unfortunately in order to reproduce you need to have a woman, so it would be pointless.

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Parapraxis3397d ago

"For 2009, I’m looking forward to playing all the new downloadable content for MotorStorm Pacific Rift – we have some awesome new tracks and more content than ever before – all soon to be announced."

rogimusprime3396d ago

to better US content on the PS store. I'm still waiting for Resident Evil 2. You guys are leaving money on the table with those classics...lawyers be damned.

Looking forward to GOW3, and KZ2.

I'm sure this one is a long shot but... I'm looking forward to you securing more exclusives...wouldn't it be nice if you guys had a full year without losing another exclusive, Sony?

Devil may cry, ace combat, Final Fantasy, Tekken....those hurt.

If you can't get more exclusives, at least take some away from M$, or make the one's you have stronger. No more Haze/Lair/Socom fiasco's. Basically just continue to make a stronger case for the purchase of your system.

Shadow Flare3396d ago

the ps3 getting a price drop, inevitably outselling the 360 every week worldwide once again, and in turn shutting the media up and making them eat their stupid, retarded words.

But more on note, i'm looking forward to the ps3 games like KZ2, Uncharted 2 and hopefully GT5 if it makes it this year. Might try FF13 too. More psone downloads would be welcome. I'm looking forward to Sony making Home alot better this year. And please bring the psn movie service to europe. Essentially, i guess im looking forward to quality games in 2009. Not just DLC packs

StayHigh3396d ago

Sony cant do anything about third party games..They need to concentrate on their own games..This year I hope they will announce Dark Cloud 3, Twisted Metal, Syphon Filter series for the PS3!!

eagle213396d ago

Killzone 2
Team ICO announcement
God of War III E3
Heavy Rain
New IP announced

A dozen more, but that is tops.

Leathersoup3396d ago

I'd tell Sony what I was looking forward to... but it's a Secret! ;)

Maddens Raiders3396d ago

...simply the best off-road racing game of ALL-TIME.

GVON3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

first the games

what's been confirmed as 09
Res 5
Heavy Rain
Uncharted 2

That would do me, but there are others I can't think off right now but no doubt will me mentioned throughout the comments section.

In terms of the system I'm looking forward to the next few step up's with XMB,more web browser integration for ps3 games like with MGO,Pain.maybe even a new browser.

That Eu music service were you have the ability to watch any music vid through the console.

Full integration with the photo system,even the long rumor vid capture,this has been proven possible thanks to play tv were you can record tv and play games so it's just changeing the recording source.

For Home I just want to go to E3,or the Sony day or TGS09,possible even have access to demos,wishful thinking but again possible.
also how 3rd parties take to it be it developers or outside companies like red bull and diesel.
and how it looks going into 2010.

obviously blu ray is now a part of the PlayStation experience,so any new movie that looks good,will be mine.

thats about all i can think off right now,oh yeah and unannounced games that will hit in 2010,the year Sony said you would really see the true power of the ps3.
I don't forget easily Sony,so show me what you meant by that.

so a happy gaming year to all the fanfolk of every console.

Homicide3396d ago

Uncharted 2 or Team Ico if it comes out in 09.

ThanatosDMC3396d ago

Resident Evil 5 online coop and Monster Hunter 3.

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Capt CHAOS3396d ago


<sorry guys, this is the open zone, Couldn't resist :->

Nathan Drake3396d ago

The Agency could be something special

Pennywise3396d ago

I want to be able to level up, run instances and collect items with my friends on the PS3.

I dont want a WoW clone, but something with these features keep me coming back for more.

akiraburn3396d ago

The Agency does look awesome, and I've been following that for a while. Almost a year now they have had their site setup to sign up for the beta, but it doesn't seem like they have started the beta yet. Hoping that things are fully underway and that we hear more news on it soon.

Also really interested in that deal Sony signed with NCsoft, and what games they have been working on. They said that it would be new IP's exclusive for PS3, but I still have my fingers crosses that Guild Wars 2 ends up with a PS3 version as well.

Simon_Brezhnev3396d ago

lol finally dis got approved earlier this morning one got failed because stupid xbox fanboys said dis a duplicate

Fishy Fingers3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

I think a lot of people were just getting it wrong.

Subject matter is the same, but this post contains quotes from each exec that the other didn't. People get it wrong sometimes dude. But yeah, it's not a duplicate.

Cajun Chicken3396d ago

It's EXACTLY the same source material as the GOWIII Bethesda dev article, made TWO articles from precisely the same source material.
I just personally got fed up of being tricked into reading it.

It's like being rickroll'd over and over and over again.