Killzone 2 Expected To Sell More/Equal Than Metal Gear Solid 4 writes "Sony has been on the playing field since the days it had been rejected by Nintendo and their idea of creating a CD based gaming device. This generation the competition has been different, but this has not deterred the company to give up on pushing a steady and stellar quality of games on its platform. We recently spent some time talking with a Sony rep, who had an interesting anecdote when broached upon Killzone 2. Since this is not an official statement by the company or the developer, the anonymity of the representative is being respected"

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himdeel3330d ago

...especially since there are more shooter fans than MGS fans.

Cwalat3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

considering how many ppl actually follow the development of this game.

i relly think this will be the best selling PS3 title.

i would guess, probably around 4 million KZ2 owners after 3-4 months

PixlSheX3330d ago

But MGS is a big franchise. And it have a lot of fans.
There's an example. My mate saw killzone 2 and said "wow.. but is there even a killzone 1?"

Maddens Raiders3330d ago

will sell 4 million copies in the first 3.5 months. KILLZONE II is expected to increase PS3 console sales by 15% in February ~ March 2009, alone.

DragonWarrior465343330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Why does everybody have to talk about Halo sales? Especially when everyone who bought the game thought it was crap. Its not Sony's fault that everyone gave into the hype of Gears and Halo 3 that they ended up getting a piece of crap in a box. Just cause Halo sold well, doesn't make it a good game. Look at the Wii for instance. Its outselling the ps3 and 360 combined, does that make it better?

StayHigh3330d ago

Killzone 2 everybody talkin about every since e3, no doubt in mind it will sell millions of copies..

Omega43330d ago

Well obviously Halo3's sales alone dont make it a good game, its that AND the 94 metacritic score and the fact that even after a year its still the top on XBL

"when everyone who bought the game thought it was crap" So why do they still play it so much then? >_>......what a fool

Man_of_the_year3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Same argument can be made about KZ2. Are people just buying it because of all the HYPE around it? I bought Halo3 and loved it and still play it - i love the Gears games as not EVERYONE who bought Halo3 disliked it.

If there is any fan base that likes to over hype games that don't perform review and sales wise - its the Sony fanbase.

However i do feel that KZ2 will be the flagship of the PS3 and will surpass MGS numbers.

kevoncox3330d ago

Ms, Sold the numbers it did because it was bundled. It would have sold about 2 million in the same time frame. Not a bad amount but still not the 4 million monster we have come to see.

Rock Bottom3330d ago

The commitment Omiga made to troll every Killzone 2 article.

Gives you an idea how much jealousy is burning inside him, I almost feel sorry for you buddy...

Except that Xbots doesn't deserve my sympathy.

jwatt3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Well it won't sell as much as mgs4 in Japan but I think it could sell more in the states. I think Sony has to do a really good job of marketing maybe for the superbowl. They should even put it in the movie previews since it has a cinematic feel. Not only should they have alot of tv commericals but they should be unique and cool looking.

I think it should sell considerably well though, if you bought any shooter you should be buying Killzone for the online alone.

Sony PlayStation 33330d ago

Hopefully Sony actually advertises it

marinelife93330d ago

Well I've already pre-ordered my copy so only 3.99 million more to go.

locos853330d ago

does your copy count for 10,000???

jaysquared3330d ago

Here comes the predictions! Please PS3 fans before you start predicting sales and claiming this game to the next 360 killer look back at past so called 360 killers... From the most recent LBP, Resistance 2, MGS IV, Uncharted, Lair, Heavenly sword.. etc etc etc...

interrergator3330d ago

hmm wow hopefully they will put advertisements

SullyDrake3330d ago

And due to the fact that the 360 will never pump out visuals even close to this, I'd say it's a system seller. It doesn't have the mass appeal of MGS4, but what it does have is the technical prowess only possible on the PS3.

IdleLeeSiuLung3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

This is a though one, considering the crazy hype around this game. If it doesn't live up to the expectations, it will probably burn and die. Once you get a high expectation and it doesn't exceed it, no matter how close it was, it will be deemed a failure. That is the danger of overhyping a game.

With that said, reports are good on this game, but I stil don't think a franchise like MGS will easily be beaten by a sequel to what was considered a mediocre game. MGS4 came when the PS3 still didn't have a significant title on the market and was considered a system seller. It has seen numerous awards and each every significant release of MGS has been a monumental success.... A broader market for KZ2 might help it sell better. Only a month or so and we will see!!!

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Omega43330d ago

If thats all they are aiming for it certainly wont be a Halo killer

But at least its realistic considering if you take away the JP sales and spread them over the US and EU thats probably how much it will sell

ActionBastard3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

The gameplay in the beta already showed it IS a Halo killer.

thor3330d ago

It's not in the same (sub)genre as Halo... rather than catagorize shooters by perspective (1st or 3rd person), I classify them by the style of gameplay; so KZ2 is a lot more similar to Call of Duty than it is Halo. Halo is more similar to games like Warhawk and Resistance 2.

It's not going to sell more than Halo. The only thing that would make it sell more than Halo is a marketing campaign rivalling that of Halo's - and that is NOT going to happen. I mean it was over the top anyway.

eagle213330d ago

Everyone except 1m live diehards thinks it's lame.

MGS4 is 4.5m+ probably 5m. 4.33 in Aug. 08'. If K2 reaches 4m in 3 months, that is megaton!

Killzone 2 will kill Halo this generation at least. It will win awards and hearts of gamers. Pray that halo 4 is good, cause halo 3 is lame.

Man_of_the_year3330d ago

Typical delusional sony fanboy - another Halo killer - just like Haze was, just like MGO was...

Its comments like that that come back to haunt you. Guarantee you 360 fanboys will throw review/sales numbers in your face if they don't equal or surpass that of Halo's sales even if i am also looking forward to KZ2.

be careful what you say. And there will not be a game this gen that will surpass Halo3's sales numbers.


Omega43330d ago

What ever makes you sleep at night

I will be shocked if Killzone 2 even gets an average above 89, but crazier things have happened

solsub3330d ago

See 4, Grand Theft Auto.


Blademask3330d ago

Nintendogs didn't have a 30 million dollar ad campaign, and sold more. Lesson?

Microsoft wanted to go over the top with Halo3, they did. And it sold well.

The game was terrible.

Killzone2's beta is already better than the entire Halo3 package. Kz2 is already the better game. And since gamers play games, well.. To get the second to none experience like Killzone2. You will have to own a PS3.

You guys can hold onto your sales for 2009 as you did in 2008. You wont be playing any good games until the end of the year more than likely. And even those games still score lower than PS3 exclusives.

Unicron3330d ago

The concept of "Game X Killer" is a stupid one concocted by the media to sell magazines and get clicks. Don't fall for it. Please be smarter gamers than that. No game will "kill" another game, because there's this little secret fanboys don't know - games CAN co-exist, and it's okay to like more than one!

thor3330d ago

Don't kid yourself. Halo 3 is a very good game. It WOULD NOT have so many people still buying and playing it if it wasn't. It might have been overhyped, and it might have sold more than you would expect from a game of its quality, but that doesn't make it a bad game.

Furthermore, Halo 3 has one of the most impressive feature lists of ANY game this gen. That's its real triumph. Its graphics may be good, not great, and its gameplay might not rival that of COD4, but in terms of features it bests COD4 in every regard. It trumps KZ2 in the same way. KZ2's feature list is nowhere near what Halo 3's is. Even if it's the better game, it won't have all the features Halo 3 had.

ActionBastard3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Typical 360 fanboy fear. Fall back on Haze if you must, but the game is stellar. Now do better in life, get a PS3 and KZ2 and join us in some MP when it releases. You're more than get owned.

Sales doesn't = great gameplay. Just ask Wii Sports.

Man_of_the_year3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

I do have a life - and if you actually clicked on my bio you would have seen that i also have a PS3 and 360 - its just i am not as blind and delusional as you. And i also already stated that i am looking forward to KZ2 - try reading the full comments next time. It will help you not look so ignorant.

@Blademask - no sales do not equal a quality game - but i have yet to see a bad game sell millions of copies that had a bad review score. And it again appears that fanboys such as yourself have a hard time separating fact from opinion. It is your OPINION that you think Halo3 sucked and was a waste of 30 million on advertising - while 9+ million disagree with you.

@solsub - GTA4 total sales is combined between 2 consoles - PS3 and 360 - Halo 3 was exclusive to the 360...please if you are going to join in on the conversation then use your head. Thanks

@ActionBastard - Let me requote what i said "no sales do not equal a quality game - but i have yet to see a bad game sell millions of copies that had a bad review score." - gamerankings - Assasins Creed is at 81%....that is not a bad review (you should know this since most PS3 games are within the same average of review scores.)

ActionBastard3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Good for you! Now STFU and play some games. PLAY some games. And don't mistake gameplay for sales Mikey.

Have yet to see a bad game sell millions? Assassin's Creed says "Hi".

cereal_killa3330d ago

but i have yet to see a bad game sell millions of copies that had a bad review score.

MOTY didn't that stupid 50cent game sell like 2milion copies?

dantesparda3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

So let me get this straight, you're not a "blind fanboy" because you're not a PS3 fanboy, but yet, you are a fanboy, because you're a 360 fanboy and its obvious.

Then you go on to inflate Halo 3 sales to over 9 million (when its really in the 8's), and assume that all 8 million must think that its a good game. I bet you, there is a whole sh!t load of that number that dont like it, think it sucks or just think its ok. i own it and thinks it sucks. But, if you werent on the 360s nuts so bad, you would realize that.

And to all the Sony fanboys, DO NOT go getting ahead of yourselves. Be glad if Killzone even sells 2 million in its first few months. PS3 games dont sell like that. Because i believe that the PS3 has a different owner base than the 360. The 360 owner base is far more fanatical about its games than the PS3 owners are. They are more hardcore. Heck this is the base that thinks its great to pay $50 a year to play online and dont mind having their 360s break down 3/4 times on them. And think the warranty more than makes up for it. Well maybe not all of them but definitely it's fanboys do.

3329d ago
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Ninja-Sama3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

especially in the US where shooters are so popular.

I have a strong feeling that many american gamers have probably been waiting for KZ2 to purchase a PS3...even more so than MGS4.

resistance1003330d ago

I will be surprised it's Life time sales don't beat MGS4

JayTe 1233330d ago

but i think that is never going to happen...

i don't want the guys at guerilla to get demotivated!!!