Review of Saints Row 2 (The Goozex Report)

James Holmes Says: I received Saints Row 2 for Christmas and I beat it. Here's my review on it.

Saints Row 2 is about a gang named the Saints (obviously) and they are building themselves back to be the strongest gang in town. You encounter 3 rival gangs who give you a hell of a lot of stress when going through the game. During this game you complete missions and strongholds. Strongholds tie in with the missions, so in all there are 56 missions in the game (42 missions + 14 strongholds).

The story line is somewhat kind of hard to follow seeing as it's in no particular order and each gang has their missions separated. I wish it were more like Grand Theft Auto in that it's easier to follow. In my opinion, the game should have revolved more around Ultor, who is trying to take over and rejuvenate the city blah, blah, blah. The gangs could have come together or something, but it took a whole different turn. Let's call this San Andreas with slightly better graphics.

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CrAppleton3514d ago

I may have to check this one out.. I've heard nothing but good things about it.. and I missed the first one

Cajun Chicken3514d ago

Its fun. Really pretty good if you need some mission based sandbox'ing, hillarious too.

bgrundman3514d ago

The gameplay is pretty solid and it has a really distinct sense of humor.

Jamegohanssj53512d ago

Do you all know who is The James Holmes? It's me!


bgrundman3514d ago

I really liked the original, so it was a no brainer that I would like this one.

Cajun Chicken3514d ago

I might have to pick up the original one day.

bgrundman3514d ago

It is well worth it and you can get it for dirt cheap too. I think I paid 10 bucks for my copy.

bgrundman3514d ago

Better yet! Just trade for it!

bgrundman3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I thought the original was a bit weaker than this title was. They went all out for the sequel.

JimmyJames703514d ago

I'm still playing the first one, and I love it, just got sidetracked with so many other new releases. But I'm definitely going to play this one eventually.

bgrundman3514d ago

It should definite be on your pile of shame. You will love it, just be sure to put the kids to bed before firing this bad boy up.

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