Panasonic, Dolby Fight to Land 3-D Blu-ray Standard

"These two proposed standards likely won't be the last. The future of home entertainment, for both movies and videogame consoles like the next iterations of Xbox 360 and PS3, is pointing more and more towards 3-D with each passing day..."

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mrdxpr23362d ago

whats parasonic ??? never heard of them..

Marty83703362d ago

Think I'd perfer Panasonics 3D Blu-ray standard, as there's less cost involved.

panasonic233362d ago

so xbox 360 gonna go 3d wow

e3kehoe3362d ago

sounds like both PS3 and XB360 are going 3d. this tech cant come soon enough for me. I just hope that my tv will support new tech (maybe through firmware update..hopes)fyi LN52a630

Madgunner3361d ago

i dont think ur sammy can do it. possibly 650 and up, however i may do it thru a firmware update ... who knows... i know sammy plasmas are 3dready and panasonic plasmas are as well

FYI th42pz85u @ 480 Hz : )


on the PS3 with probably just a firmware update. I doubt XBOX360 will be able to do so..MS will need to create a whole new machine.

BrunoM3362d ago

Sounds great ... cant wait for the right games for 3D lets say GOW3 is not a 3D game i woudent want to see it .. but lets say a basball game humm a FPS with out being KillZone2 hummm lol... well lets wait

nice to have a system that with a FW update can become a NEW machine all the time !!