Bethesda: Home Could be Industry's Defining Moment


'Managing Director of Bethesda Softworks states that Sony's PlayStation Home could be a defining moment in the video games industry.

In a feature on the Official PlayStation website, Sean Brennan comments that he is most looking forward to;

"Home: if it lives up to expectations it could be a defining moment in the industry."'

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Cajun Chicken3426d ago

It could, but it really should get moving.

Saint Sony3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

HOME is nothing really new, it is in console wise, but that's about it. There are already (some already 10 years old)web communities where you can create a character, decorate your own room, invite friends to your room, leave messages, hang out in different lounges, night clubs... , play games with your friends etc.

HOME is similar, but for PS3 only. There is nothing industry defining in it. If it would have come already with PS2 like it was first planned, then it might have been industry defining.. now it just defines "OLD" in a bit shinier package.

The Great Melon3426d ago

Yes, there may be things similar in structure to home, but home is by far one of the most polished. That being said, if support from developers begin to start appearing in Home, I am sure this will be a positive for Sony.

LastDance3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago ) we'll listen to you instead of the guy who made fallout and oblivion.....

Go back to your desk job

Saint Sony3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Go obey your gods elsewhere. You don't need to create Oblivion or Fallout to actually see what has happened in online industry in the past 10 years.

...and I guess I should now say "go back to McDonalds"?

Ignorance is a bliss.

Willio3426d ago

Listening to someone with credibility or a random stranger's opinion.

Regardless, the man said "If"

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Darkseider3426d ago

Home is actually progressing quite nicely. Far less lag since the removal of voice in public. Also some nice added touches to the square with movie ads playing on billboards. Every week or so things get changed up some and improved upon. I just can't wait until they start adding the new zones, in Home stores for RL merchandise (you know it's coming), trophy displays, etc...

Cajun Chicken3426d ago

Thats what I mean.
I really want Sony to sort out that in the EU Home I can't understand a large percentage of the people in the area, due to me...a Brit not knowing any other languages in Europe.
Americans can talk with fellow Americans, Japanese can talk with other Japanese...EU people have a problem understanding each other.

SCEE really have to stop pigeon holing us and the rest of Europe.

edgeofblade3426d ago

What lag? Who cares about lag? It's not like lag is keeping you from accurate sniping since Home isn't even a game...

Information Minister3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

So what's your point? Should English be made into the official language of the EU just because you can't be bothered to learn a language other than English? Or maybe Sony should ban all the non-english speaking users out of the european Home service. Is that what you're suggesting? You can still talk to fellow brits or create an american PSN account. Don't expect others to fix your problems for you.

I've used the home service quite a few times and 90% of the time I used english. The other 10% I used spanish. BTW I'm not english nor spanish.

Willio3426d ago

All Cajun Chicken wants is to sub-regionalize the language barriers with more Home servers. I do not think he state any remarks with ill-intentions. However, doing that would cost prolli more money for Sony.

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wibble3426d ago

I have high hopes for Home. I think the success of Home comes down to how easy the development tools are for third parties to use and how simple it is to submit new content and spaces.

Too much red tape could kill enthusiasm from third parties. Sony alone can't make Home interesting.

Solbadguy3426d ago

the floor plan is there, all it really needs is content. A bunch of different areas and thing to do and get updated on a regularly.

pp3426d ago

No thanks it's a games console not no f*ckin second life.

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