US PSN Movie Update includes Monty Python

SCEA's announced its latest PS3 Movie Store additions, which this week includes the Monty Python Collection - there are 4 features, 7 specials and 3 TV seasons.

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Cajun Chicken3481d ago

You 'barstools', how dare you get classic Brit comedy before us, US.

creeping judas3481d ago

Ok so when is Sony going to bring this to Canada, or do they not care about us like they dont care about Europe??

DarkBlood3481d ago

yeah thats what im wondering too though i dont turn 18 till february i would like to make some first time purchase beside games on my ps3

whats up with the video store not being in canada anywaysit doesn't make it any different then bringing blueray movies in physical format here know what i mean lol

OGharryjoysticks3481d ago

Does anybody know if Xam’d: Lost Memories will be made available for purchase instead of rental only?

GamerMan3481d ago

but I think they will milk the 2 seasons off the PS3 "exclusive" before it goes to DVD. I've been pouring money into it and I know I'm part of the problem but the series is really well written in my opinion. I hope there is a Blu-ray complete series pack.

On the subject of Monty Python... holy hell yeah.
This is some classic humor I haven't watched in years and could really enjoy some of this. Sorry to our neighbours across the pond but I'm not sorry enough not to get some of this and watch it :)

PirateThom3481d ago