More Xbox 360 JRPG love: Magna Carta sequel inbound

Ars writes: "For a system unable to capture a significant marketshare in Japan and known mostly for its shooters, the Xbox 360 is the console to get for Western-localized Japanese RPGs. Microsoft's box has played host to just about every noteworthy JRPG this generation thus far, and it looks like yet another JRPG of old will find a new home on the system: Softmax has announced that a new Magna Carta game is coming to the Xbox 360.

Avid JRPG fans will remember the Atlus-published Magna Carta: Tears of Blood as a decent, visually-striking PS2 JRPG with a mostly-female cast and a strong strategic bent. The new Xbox 360 title, called Magna Carta: Crimson Stigma, is its sequel currently in development. Aside from that, though, little else is known: pricing information, potential release date, and any game play details have not yet been disclosed."

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NinjaRyu3512d ago

the devs said some about this game! I was begenning to think this game would end up like Cry-On.

here some artworks of the game if anyone wanna see!

ThatCanadianGuy3511d ago

Wow! Looks good ! Im Loving the art style.

NO_PUDding3511d ago

Wait, THIS exact game (Crimson Stigma)is already on the PS2.

So this is just a port actually.

DevilVergilX3511d ago

I dont think its a remake its a actual sequel to the game. But I dont think this game will do good. I bought the first one and spent about 35hours on it and the ONLY thing good about it was the gameplay/graphics. Story was really "meh" for me, the voice acting was really terrible, and what I hated the most is I play a cross-dressing guy(that REALLY looks like a girl) that kina whins... If any of those changes I might wanna buy the sequel, but chances are slim.

ThatCanadianGuy3511d ago

Well,according to the disagrees I don't think it looks good.And i certainly don't like the art style..


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NinjaRyu3512d ago

this game could be a sleeper hit IMO if the devs pulled the game off right. I've seen what Japanese,American & even UK devs could do with RPGs. I'm intrested to see what a Korean dev can do with a RPG.

Tony P3512d ago

Of Korean developed games, I'm a big fan of the Kingdom Under Fire series.

I hope this Magna Carta will be great. Tears of Blood was pretty good, but the battle system put me off at times.

Gue13511d ago

The only good things that game had was the battle system and graphics and you say that you didn't like that aspect Tony P... Do you really played the game?

I still remember the first time I saw The box art of Tears of Blood and thought that the protagonist was a girl. lol

OMG lesbians!

And the antagonist is such a rip-off of Edea from FFVIII...

DevilVergilX3511d ago

I played 35hours of this game and I thought the ONLY thing good about it was the gameplay/graphics... Story was soooo boring and clithe and the voice acting was sooo bad I had to mute the game(sry I really HATE bad voice acting). I might get this game though if it shows some promise, but so far I only see 2 screens...

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pp3512d ago

OOOOOO Nice i like Exclusives something about (XBOX360 EXCLUSIVE) makes me happy.

Lonely Hunter3511d ago

where did they say it's exclusive ?

they just said it coming to xbox 360, so there is a good chance it come to ps3 as will

Rs3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

You might want this piece of crap to stay on sh!tbox360! Trust me, this game suck dog arse! We don't need something to spoil other console reputation. And, whats laughable is pp actually starting to hype about it! HAHAHA!

Lonely Hunter3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

"whats laughable is pp actually starting to hype about it! HAHAHA!"

loll i know :P


sure the first was sh!t, but i hope the new one will be good and have good sell even if it happened to be 360 ex. (which i will never buy), so it can motivate developer to make more rpg's for the new gen.(please Atlus annouce new shin megami tensi for ps3)

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Gamingisfornerds3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I get a 360 specifically for it's western RPG's and now the 360's pretty much the 'JRPG Platform'.

Not that I want to deny the JRPG-lovers their games, but I'd like to see MS bring some more WRPG's (sci-fi) to the 360. Kind of feeling left out here.

That said, I don't think the PS3 even has one exclusive WRPG, so it's not like I bought the 'wrong' platform. Just not the right one either, as there isn't one. :(

Unicron3511d ago

Sure there is. It's called the PS2.

Gamingisfornerds3511d ago

Could you name a couple PS2 exclusive WRPG's?

I can't come up with any...

3sq3512d ago

It's not JRPG, it's KRPG.

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