Members of GZ's review crew name their favorite games of all time

Gamezone: We have hit that time of year, when the holidays are almost over and we look back on the year past and name the best titles of 2008. But as an addendum to that, I thought it might be fun to chat with some of GameZone's reviewers and take it a step beyond 2008.

No specific systems were given as a criterion, no categories – just 'what is your favorite game of all time, and why?'

Now since that all just sort of explains itself, without further ado, let's get to the opinions of some of our writers:

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Swiftfox3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

The mentioned favorites are wonderful games to say the least. A certian N64 game showed up twice and for good reason.

It would be exstremely hard for me to pick a favorite. Even most gamers list there top 5 or 10.

However, if I had to choose one, I would definatly say Shadow of the Colossus. The emotions it inspires, the scope, the feel. No game for me has ever spurd me with such feeling. A simple task to accomplish above all else, the loneliness of the journey, the the fear and panic of the Colossus itself, and the sorrow of seeing something of such glory fall lifeless to the ground, you could swear you felt pitty toward it.

It was, for me, the complete experience and that's as high a compliment I could ever give a game.