Ars Review: Crayon Physics brings out inner (physics-loving) child

Ars writes: "Crayon Physics is one of those games that captured the interest of the Opposable Thumbs staff early on. Ever since the initial game was developed in the summer of 2007, it has managed to garner much press and acclaim, especially since developer Petri Purho revealed that he was working on a deluxe version of the game that would include improved physics and more levels. Now Crayon Physics Deluxe has finally been released, and it turns out that the game is just about everything we'd hoped for.

The basic idea behind Crayon Physics is that gamers have to get a ball to a point that is marked by a star. This is accomplished by drawing a number of different items that can act in a variety of ways to help get the ball from Point A to Point B. On a basic level, the drawings act as ramps or barriers, while more advanced implementation accomplishes a number of feats like creating weights and levers, as well as malleable platforms that can be affected by other creations. It's sort of like The Incredible Machine, but what that game would be like if a creative kid with a set of crayons was solving the puzzle instead of relying on the set items provided by the game."

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