Very British Gamer: My Embarrassing Virtual Boy Story

This week's column is about the embarrassment that occurred when the author tried to purchase a Nintendo Virtual Boy -- something which is pretty embarrassing in itself -- on a ski trip to the US at 14 years old.

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italianbreadman3508d ago

Funny story. I mean, if laughing at my fellow man's misfortune is funny...which, in this case, it kinda is.

cain1413508d ago

I'd have to go with funny...

shoinan3508d ago

Truly the best guilty pleasure :)

player9113508d ago

There were some awesome games for the virtual boy at the time. Seriously, I think I bought the system for like $20 and it came with Mario Tennis and Wario Land.

The idea was pretty neat except it was all read. If they made that thing color and put some graphical power in it, it would be amazing... even by todays standard (if they made it smaller too!).

I think for what I paid for it... I got my money's worth.

italianbreadman3507d ago

I think he should have jumped on the bus with the teacher in hot pursuit! I think that's what I would have done at that age...