Gaming Nexus: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway PC Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Theories regarding what caused the eventual defeat of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich abound, running the gamut from poor strategic decisions to allied daytime bombing decimating Germany's industrial base. All are valid to some degree, I imagine, but I happen to be the sole possessor of the one true reason: I was not yet born, and therefore was not fighting in the US Army. Had I been, we would all be speaking German and eating wienerschnitzel. Now this theory will be argued against by academia and Hollywood alike, but that is simply because none of the leading authorities in those areas have ever seen me play a WWII game on the PC. Put succinctly, I suck.

That said, I truly enjoy the genre. I hear it all the time: "The WWII game has been done to death, there's nothing new and innovative there, and they really ought to stop wasting their time and effort on them." I disagree. Sure, Call of Duty 4 was great and it was a refreshing change of pace, but there's just something about the WWII games that calls me back every time. This time around it was the new Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway that led me to sign up for another tour. Fortunately for me, Ubisoft/Gearbox are bucking the trend that says that the PC platform is dead for gaming and went ahead and included the PC in their development plans."

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