Why Are So Many PS3 Exclusives "Secret"?

"Sony has been trying out an interesting marketing strategy over the last couple of months, and so far it appears to be working. Amid a lack of high-quality exclusive titles for the PS3, Sony has been leaking whispers of "top secret" games to members of the press.

What's up with all of this secrecy, Sony? Surely if you have a big game in development there is no harm in telling us about it so we have something to look forward to."

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clinker3513d ago

I think it is just a good way to build free marketing buzz without having to spend a dime on advertising.

Fishy Fingers3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Does secrecy build hype? For me personally, no. I get much more excited by something when I know what it consists of. A game in development with zero info available doesnt press my buttons. I get hyped once I see quality.

But I guess different strokes for different folks, but I dont think the idea behind keeping a project secret is to build hype.

kevoncox3513d ago

The problem with that is the lack of game sales. Thoses secrect games have cost the Ps3. Sony needs to spill the gospel because games are what sells the console.

MS can afford to hide their games because they are seen as the "cool" console to have by the majority of the buying public( males 13- 25)

StayHigh3513d ago

How many PS3 games we don't know about? I can only think about one in my mind! I mention like 15 exclusives games on the PS3 that is coming out for the PS3 this year. There is a lot of games that PS3 owner can look forward too..

caladbolg7773513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

--MS can afford to hide their games because they are seen as the "cool" console to have by the majority of the buying public( males 13- 25)--

When in the knowledgeable minority, the 360 can often be seen as a "waste of money". I see what you did there!

Anon19743513d ago

MS was up front about their games coming out and they sold 13 million in their first 2 years. The PS3 has a great lineup, great lineup going forward and a few "secret" games and sold 17 million in 2 years. Obviously it hasn't hurt them in the sales department. Also, your stats are off. The average gamer is 35 years old and the average game buyers age is 40. These numbers are pretty easy to find if you want to do a google search to verify. There's some interesting studies out there.

solidt123513d ago

Sony keeps games secret for several reasons but the most important one is out of fairness to all of there 1st and 2nd party studios. They want to build hype and market the few known title so that development studios game is successful before they let another game out the hat.

If we knew about all the games they have in development it would be just too much to handle and we might just skip a few good titles while waiting on another we know is coming. I am glad that we don't know about all of their Titles because I like to be surprised.

boodybandit3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I agree. Most of the people on my friends list are 30 to 45.

The Killer3513d ago

because then people will accuse sony for under performing and under delivering and they have too many delays and why promise about games that takes years to come!!

we all know this accuses right? rigggggggggggght?????????

Saigon3513d ago

i dont understand why they are making a big deal out of this...Sony has always done this...each generation Sony had the same strategy...Secret games are not a surprise...they did it last Gen and they did it the Gen what makes this gen so different...

majorsuave3513d ago

Yes the average player is 35, but that includes the 20 million MMOg subscribers that are older than 30.

Take PC gaming off these stats and I bet it dives to a low 20s mark.
Even lower if you take the Wii out I believe.

Sergeant Osiris3513d ago

you're all WRONG

the reason Sony is keeping it's new IP's secret is Microsoft.
The biggest copycat corporation to EVER exist. Sony has realized that M$ approach is to pre-empt any momentum Sony tries to build up this generation with a similiar offering of their own. Nevermind that it comes nowhere close to the original, the point is to say "so what we have that too". We just saw it with Home and the hurriedly put together "new xbox experience" which is a paper thin version of what Home is.

Maybe the reason that 360 has so few games in 09 is because they source of their ideas stopped making them public. Yes that would be Sony for the mentally challenged.

kevoncox3513d ago

To the guy that said MS sold 13 million in the first two years, that's not true. MS has sold on average 9 millions a year.

Rock Bottom3513d ago

Because most of them are far away from being released, and sony have been criticized for making people wait too long for their games before they're released. Yes, I'm looking at you killzone 2 and FFXIII.

And before Xbox fanboys start pointing out how PS3 owners keep waiting for games, I just like to remind everyone that Alan Wake was one of the first next gen games to be announced(even before Killzone 2), and still have no release date.

thor3513d ago

The real reason is that they have learnt not to show games too soon.

Projects get cancelled.

Games get delayed.

Games turn out mediocre.

If they wait until the games are nearing completion, they can tell whether they will be a dud or not, and there's a good chance they won't get delayed much further. Then they can start a focused marketing strategy, rather than building up hype for games 4 years before release and leaving gamers waiting and dissatisfied - or perhaps even annoyed that the game got cancelled.

The Getaway and Eight Days are examples of games which, had they never been shown, would never have been missed. Lots of similar projects get cancelled in favour of other ones (Home in those games' case).

This is of course, if there are even that many secret games at all. A lot of the secret games that have been shown in private might have been cancelled/endlessly delayed also.

callahan093513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

The reason they keep so many games secret is because they don't have to blow their wad all at once. They've already announced 10 to 15 huge exclusives for 2009 and maybe some in early 2010. That's a lot of games, more than 2 big games per season. They have room to keep tight-lipped on some things. You don't want everybody to get too excited for stuff that's coming after these first 10-15 games. You want them to keep their sights on a few titles, get them really excited for them, and then when their time has passed, you start showing the next wave. After each big release, you show another title in your line-up to keep the line-up big and fresh all the time. God of War 3 has probably been in development about a year and a half now, but we only saw real-time footage for the first time one month ago.

Thugbot1873513d ago

It's the smart thing to do. It's not to get hyped but to keep you interested closer to when the game comes out. One of the problems Sony has been having is that they have been getting people hyped about titles that aren't coming out for years. Sorry but after waiting and waiting and no game people loose hype and just get ticked.

Great example Doom3 great game but hyped for so long when it came out people weren't as interested.

You can also see this happening with FF13 and KZ2, both great games I'm sure but they are loosing there shine because they have been hyped for so long with no game for us to play. It is only human nature to get annoyed and loose faith.

So you can see why keeping them secret is a good thing.

P.S. I'm not saying any of these games won't sale because I know they will; Will be pick them up myself just not as excited as I once was.

Kaneda3513d ago

Sony is in the market competition with a company well known copied someone else ideas or products. So of course they have to be secrecy of their projects. Apple did it! Look what happened to M$! their Vista is a piece of [email protected]!

pixelsword3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

What a loser.

That's one Sub-par site that's never getting my hits.

rockleex3513d ago

Sony reveals a game 2+years ahead of time, they get backlash from impatient people who want everything NOW.

In those 2+years, hype also builds to the point where the game MUST be the second coming of Jesus Christ or it will be considered a flop.

Saint Sony3513d ago

Sony is trying to be clever.


The Lazy One3513d ago

They tell everyone they exist, and keep the details a secret.

That would be like me running up to you in a mall and saying "you see that hall? there is something really awesome in that hall, but you can't look in it," whereas if the hall were actually a secret, nobody would tell you anything about it.

Thus it's what sony's been doing since before launch trying to make their lineup look beefier than it actually is. People tend to think a lineup of 50 games in 3 years looks more promising than a lineup of 25 games in 1 year.

SaiyanFury3513d ago

Yeah secrecy build hype without advertising, it's a good approach. On a second note it precludes MS from buying publicity for trying to undermine certain games. Lord knows MS is trying to undermine Sony as a platform and this is shown in their practises. Maintaining secrecy from the public is a good way to avoid MS's progress to undermine Sony.

barom3513d ago

It's easy and I'm sure someone said it already (didn't bother to read all comments) but it's simply because there's no reason to announce it too early. Look at WarDevil, HAZE, Dark Sector, Dark Void, Too Human etc. If it's announced too early, the expectations just grows and the game will eventually never live up to it and/or just looses consumer interest.

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Cajun Chicken3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Because the press spoil secrets and competition go out and make game mechanics based on the original idea before its even released.

Exactly why Playstation Lifestyle changed content.

Sev3513d ago

Exactly, I was about to post the same comment, but you beat me to it.

You even give a nod to my site. Thanks.

I am glad that at least some people understand why we had to stop our leaks. We were hurting the company and developers we love and respect.
Not only that, but we wanted them to respect us as well. Integrity earns trust.

solidt123513d ago

Yep this is one of the big reasons.

trancefreak3513d ago

we know sev you changed for the better. :)

ultimolu3513d ago

I see nothing wrong with Sony keeping their games secret.

Panipal20053513d ago

Yeah Sev, we know the story, you were hurting devs and publishers so you thought it would be a good idea to hurt and lash out at your loyal fans.

And you still expect accolades for your changed approach in douchebaggery.

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karlostomy3513d ago

Hype sells more skus than telling the truth!

PirateThom3513d ago

Because the last time they revealed games early, they were accused of delaying them even though they weren't ready.

They learned their lesson that journalists are idiots, so are holding off on revealing them.

gamerdude113513d ago

Sony is tired of the delaystation comments.

ultimolu3513d ago

Oh yes, quite true my friend.

Darkseider3513d ago

They are "Secret" because there is nothing more satisfying than playing the "one up" game every now and then with your competition. It also builds some hype and interest as well. Lastly, there is this from the article:

"Amid a lack of high-quality exclusive titles for the PS3..."


caladbolg7773513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )


Sounds like a jealous gamer who is steadily realizing that they may have made a mistake in console choices. It can be equated to going in to convulsions, desperately gasping and reach out, while being suffocated with a pillow.

GlibGamer3513d ago

The only reason the author of the article is suffocating on the pillow is because he's biting it.

Pillowbiting fanboys... :D

But yeah, I saw that comment and a flag went up. It's amazing how fast people can toss their objectivity out the window with a few careless (untrue) words.