Evil Avatar: Prince of Persia Review

Evil Avatar writes: "With the "Sands of Time" trilogy assigned to the halls of videogame history Ubisoft Montreal take one of their most beloved franchises on a wonderful new journey.

Sometimes Ubisoft Montreal get it wrong. It may well be the spirit of France but they do have a tendency to go very high-concept and it doesn't always pay off. There has been trepidation surrounding the reboot of the Prince of Persia series primarily because the last generations trilogy became so beloved. Even if you didn't like the Prince's "emo" period there was almost universal appreciation for what those titles achieved in terms of redefining platforming for a new era. Rightly so then people were concerned that Ubisoft Montreal's lofty aspirations for this new, open-world Prince may well abandon the spirit and strengths of those landmark games."

The Good

* The most beautiful game of the last year. No contest.
* Refined platforming in extremely high-concept levels.
* A simple but compelling story which moves seamlessly around the open-world format.

The Bad

* Combat may at first seem repetitive and many players may well miss the hidden depth.
* The extremely fluid animation masks some of the interactivity.
* Collecting light seeds may well annoy some who wish to rush through the title.

The Ugly

* The rose-tinted specs through which this game is being judged against it's predecessors.

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