Evil Avatar: Defense Grid: The Awakening Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Despite being around for quite some time (1990's Rampart was probably the first example), there really aren't too many retail titles in the Tower Defense (TD) strategy niche of gaming. Instead, independent developers have released free mods for existing titles and Flash games to fill the void. Recently though PixelJunk Monsters and Ninjatown have stormed the scene and acquired many a rabid fan, making the viability of a retail TD style game plausible. Now, Hidden Path's newest PC offering titled Defense Grid: The Awakening hopes to capitalize on this addictive genre with an excellent out of the gate entry."

The Good

* Tons of depth and replayability in a budget package
* The best looking tower defense game yet
* Level 3 Meteor Towers
* The chaos, oh... the chaos.

The Bad

* Some tower designs are a little too similar looking, making them difficult to distinguish among a sea of activity
* The music soundtrack is not varied enough and a bit too repetitive

The Ugly

* Taking on four Crashers without a satellite weapon while Racers are rushing towards the exit holding power cores

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